Contemporary luxury furniture: the new frontier of the high artistic handicraft

Contemporary by Vimercati: the contemporary luxury furniture is coming

The contemporary furniture of luxury is dressed in an elegance without time, destined to conquer also those who had allowed themselves to make minimalist trends: we talk about the Contemporary collection by Vimercati, that even on the moment of presentation was appresciated by lovers of last trends. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with these soft lines and at the same time rigorous, cosy and simply clean, but with character! And how not to admire the refined workings, the esteemed essences, the softness from the cloths? A born collection of contemporary furniture of luxury of the happy contamination among the productive formalities of the classic furniture, which can be seen in the manual character and in the hondmade working point of the strength, and the love for the simplicity of the modern trends tempered at the recovery of a sense of welcome that was lacking in many contemporary productions. The furniture of each room is thought to give voice to instances of luxury and elegance, but at the same time of relax.

Contemporary luxury furniture: the artisanal elegance

At the base of this contemporary furniture of luxury is naturally the whole artisan knowledge that always characterises the furniture signed Vimercati: it is peculiar thanks to the high artistic handicraft that this furniture could have made furnishing the most beautiful villas of the world. The same passion, the same experience, the same art have been applied in order to create the collection of contemporary furniture of luxury that is already conquering the market and it will soon be presented officially: living room and it salts dinner for the day area and bedroom for the night zone, are completely in Art Déco style, they will be the great protagonists. Among high artistic handicraft and contemporary furniture it is in fact a really luckily meeting, that has given life to the unique elegant and handmade furniture.

The good life and the contemporary luxury furniture

There are character environments and on the same time slackening, that give life to this contemporary furniture of luxury: the great piece of furniture – bar covered in nabuk, receives the hosts for a pleasant aperitif or a relax after dinner, it is combined with the high and comfortable stools that invite you to be slackened in a good company. The great sofas and the armchairs, the sober attentively worked lines, receive you with the softness while the tables and the small tables re-shine in their bright contrasts. Each element of the living room and of the hall at dinner, and also the elegant bedroom, can pleasantly amaze fitting in every elegant and luxurious environment, but at the same time managing not to be to heavy. The final effect is natural and at the same time very refined. This is how the contemporary furniture of luxury of this collection earns its place in first row among preferences of furniture lovers.

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