Art Déco furniture: the handicraft’s luxury, the fascination of the contemporaneity

A unique collection of Art Déco furniture

The fascination of furniture Art Déco is everlasting, soft and cosy shapes and refined decorations take life from the high Italian handicraft and from the propensity by the luxury, the quality, the esteemed essences and the materials of high class. Really at this so particular marriage there was born the newest collection of furniture Art Déco signed by Vimercati with the mark Contemporary: complete furniture lines for all the environments of the house, from the living room to the hall with dinner, from bedroom to the cabin to create elegant and slackened atmosphere, made with refinement of the decorations and at the highest homemade quality of used materials. Furniture Art Déco of luxury is designed for those who love the great Italian furniture tradition, already known for the productions in the field of the classic furniture, but able by changing in shapes to become more contemporary and fit also for the most modern and young environments.

Living room with Art Déco furniture

The great piece of furniture – bar – receives the visitors at the entrance of the room, surrounded by the high stools stuffed with capitonné working: it is only a preview of wonderful furniture Art Déco which will be in front of the living room. Two comfortable and great armchairs and a sofa surround the television relied on a furniture at the elegant shape on fan embellished by a great insert of a shell realised in mother-of-pearl. Refined optical effects of the dinner table with soft and rounded shapes and straight corners, in an original composition something like the oval and the rectangle. Around him there are curves of the stuffed armchairs that seem to invite for a sumptuous dinner. Chests of drawers, mirrors, consoles, windows and small tables do beautiful exhibition of the furniture Art Déco, while a warm welcome siut to all the environment.

Bedroom with Art Déco furniture

If the furniture Art Déco for the living room gives a sensation of refined and calm elegance from the first look, they they also siut to the bedroom: first of all, naturally, the great bed stuffed with capitonné working either on the head or on the back side, it is an absolute protagonist of the room. The most refined is the combined bench, of the beautiful shape of diamond.
Is it atouch of classic? The great toilette, also covered with esteemed materials, combined with the small armchair that makes the preparation operations a true daily pleasure. There are mirrors, bedside tables, comò, wardrobes that complete the furniture Art Déco. A series of complements come together to satisfy each demand with comfort and space, always with the same elegance and the same refinement for which Vimercati is characterised. Is there another touch of classic? The wood paneling that cover the walls represent the furniture Art Déco in the best way, but there are also beautiful stuffed doors realised with the same skins and finishes used for the furniture. This is how to make a perfect composition.

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