The contracts furniture for hotels and villas dress them up in classic style

Contract furniture for villas: cabinets for dressing room

Contract furniture: complete coordinated furnishings for large structures and villas

For contract furniture normally it means the supplying in public area fully furnished and coordinated – which for examples may be the hotels – but also for private villas that have different rooms and environments to be furnished in a consistent manner.

The management of a service for contract furniture therefore requires expertise, versatility and production capacity, without ever losing sight of the quality and uniqueness of the furniture that are produced: this is especially true when it comes to luxurious classical furnishings, made by hand and intended to create a definite effect on the guests of a hotel or of those who will go to live in the villa to be furnished.

Contract furniture for hotels

The contract furniture of classic luxury destined to the hotels provides the creation of lounges and lobby such as of rooms, even if they are furnished with the same models or customized with unique touches for each room.
The contract furniture of classical luxury is suitable for hotels of a certain refinement, who want to reach with elegance and exclusivity their own distinctive trait, particularly when it comes to hotels realized inside of historic villas or in any environment of classic elegance. Here then that for their beautiful rooms you can predict contract furniture with refined inlaid beds combined with wardrobes, but also daring with beautiful classic rooms all hand carved, the impact of which is certainly highly sought after and scenographic.

Contract furniture for villas

If the contract furniture for hotels has to conjugate elegance and refinement with the requirement of furnishing more rooms, the contract furniture for villas must instead deal with different types of environments. It starts from the entrance that, especially if important and of large dimensions, it can be furnished with some consoles of scenographic impact, or even of nice lounges. Follows living room and dining room, not forgetting of course the kitchen, bedrooms and cloakrooms.
Thank to the craftsmanship in working the wood gained over several decades, Vimercati is able to design and manufacture all the furniture for these rooms, from the most important pieces of furniture to complements and until boiserie of wood panels.

Contract furniture: the style

Make a contract furniture means having the opportunity to interface with a single contact, this makes much more simpler carry out special jobs and also the determination of the style to be adopted and therefore the final impact to be obtained:
everything, from principal pieces of furniture to accessories and complements until to illumination, is determined in advance, usually in collaboration with the architect or the interior designer responsible for monitoring the working progress. That’s how come to life the environments of dream hotel and the luxury villas of the most beautiful and elegant in the world.

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