Classic customized kitchens: the luxury conquers even cookers

  • Cucine classiche su misura: modello Olga
  • Cucine classiche su misura: modello Veruska

Classic customized kitchens: bring luxury between shelves and cooktops

Classic customized kitchens are a world still often unexplored by those who produce classic furniture style: a empty filled by proposals signed by Vimercati, that for lovers of the classical world proposes a series of projects that take direct inspiration from the most beloved classic styles.
Decorations and golden inserts that adorning classic furniture proposed for all other rooms of the house became so great protagonists of these classic customized kitchens, bringing the luxury even in ovens and hobs.
Under these proposals, the main characteristics of the classic styles, which precisely gold leaf details, gilded carvings and elegant floral decorations combine without any effort to the technology, a necessary element in a kitchen that should serve to the modern lifestyle. Such classic customized kitchens signed by Vimercati can ensure the maximum of the style and luxury and the maximum convenience of use, for those who prefer not make compromises.

Classic customized kitchens: model Olga and the luxury of the gold

Among the proposals of classic customized kitchens by Vimercati, the kitchen model Olga is certainly one that is most striking for the richness of its gold: just look at the rich doors embellished by gilded carvings, but also the imposing columns of classical style with grooves and gilded capitals.
A solution at the same time elegant and of great scenographic impact, where the splendor of gold is emphasized both by the combination with the candor of the pieces of furniture and from that in contrast to the plans, proposed in dark version for both working plans and for the one of the table.
Also note, in this classic customized kitchen, the beauty of the island combined with the furniture in the kitchen, where even the elegant stools are made according to the dictates of the classic styles.

Classic customized kitchens: the delicate flowers of model Veruska

Classic customized kitchens model Veruska are distinguished by the delicacy of the floral decorations, made by hand by Italian artisans, that adorn with roses and with graceful leaves the panels and the doors of the kitchen, up to characterize the big hood. There is no shortage even in this classic customized kitchen the bright golden details, they find expression in this proposal in the frames of the individual elements and in the fine pilasters with carved capitals, as well as decorative elements placed on white wood paneling.
The color for the proposed working plans, the peninsula and back walls is in this case a warm reddish brown, elegant and welcoming.
About decorations, they are the great protagonists of the table top proposed in combination with the kitchen: the white top is in fact embellished with geometric patterns perfectly mixed up with golden floral garlands.

Classic customized kitchens: model Legacy, rigorous style and refined

This is the third of the classic customized kitchens proposed by Vimercati: a rigorous model and at the same time very refined, that can flood of light any environment.
The great protagonists are also in this case, as well as for the model Olga, the white and the gold, that is presented here, however, in more essential forms, adorning the frames of panels and wood paneling (boiserie), not forgetting however to express themselves in sudden explosions as in the luxurious carved capitals of the pilasters.
The working tops and the plans of the peninsula of this classic customized kitchen are here proposed in a delicate honey-colored, which helps to give this composition a diffused luminosity and enveloping.
Also note the elegance of the dining table with golden details, around which they proudly displayed the chairs embellished with luxurious fabrics

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