Eighteenth Century living room: in the room revive the atmospheres of the most beautiful european realms

Salotto Settecento, particolare del grande divano ispirato agli arredi delle regge del 700

Eighteenth Century living room: furniture inspired to the most luxurious royal rooms

A living room that seems to be done on purpose to furnish the luxurious rooms of realms and noble villas: a correct impression than ever, because the Eighteenth Century living room, with majestic and fascinating shapes, is inspired to the Eighteenth Century originals, century from which takes his name. Complex silhouettes, golden carvings, precious fabrics contribute to recreate the style splendour of the Eighteenth Century living room furniture, the Louis XV, characterized by the richness of the details, by the dare carvings and by the elegant exhibition that prevail during all the baroque age, finding his epicentre in the Eighteenth Century French living rooms. From the great palaces of Paris, but also from the most luxurious royal residences of Vienna, London, Rome and from the other great European capitals of the Eighteenth Century, come alive the furniture that compose this classic living room of large impact.

Like the living room furniture of the Eighteenth Century: armchairs and sofas of classic elegance

An evident luxury, as natural, in the piece of resistance of the Eighteenth Century living room, the great carved sofa realized as three seater version as two seater one. To note the monumental carved small feet that ends in curls that well combine with the composition created with the carving. Same solution opted also for the arms, that seem to push out ahead as if the sofa were really covered by an alive plant composition, able to create always new and surprising shapes. The theme of all the carvings of this classic living room is in effect that inspired to the plant world, with flowers, leaves and climbers that unrevel along the whole profile of the sofa and then gather up in the great central moulding. The finish, realized in gold and silver leaf, give more prominence and brightness to the composition. The selected fabric to cover the Eighteenth Century living room, a precious fabric in sky blue silk, reproduce the all eighteenth century passion for this colour, and well are perceived the reasons: the intensity of the light blue gives it a very special brilliance to this classic sofa, and emphasize it one more time the magnificence.
Similar subject can be done for the beautiful classic carved armchair that, thanks to his smaller dimensions, makes even hotter and fascinating the design chosen for the furniture of this classic living room, that tends to embrace the body of one who sits. The rich carvings made by hand and in gold and silver leaf finish, matched to the precious light blue silk that dress it, give also to the armchair the brightness, the magnificence and the elegance already seen in the great classic sofa.

Coffee tables and classic furniture complete the Eighteenth Century living room

Noteworthy also the other classic furniture chosen to complete the Eighteenth Century living room, perfectly in line with the chosen style too, starting from the square coffee table richly carved and with the top adorned with ebony and myrtle briar inlays. Among the living room furniture can not be missing the carved round coffee tables, gold and silver leaf finish, on which place beautiful classic lamps. In this case, with a light jump time, were chosen some classic lamps Louis XVI style, whose blue lacquered finish adorned by golden carvings well match to the other living room furniture style.
On the living room walls, classic carved and gilded by hand applique, in the version with two lights.
Final touch of class, the great bar fireplace customized and adorned by golden carvings, dominated by a great mirror, carved and golden too, that gives depth and brightness to the whole living room.

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