Classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi: the luxury meets the night area

Classic bedrooms: a very bright Luigi XV

Classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi: the luxury meets the night area

A magnificent example of classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI style, that attracts for the refined complexity of its decorations: we speak about the luxury classic collection for the night area Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi, exhibited to the public during the fair I Saloni WorldWide in Moscow.
The big protagonist of the bedroom is certainly the spacious king size bed in walnut: the soft upholstered headboard with capitonné manufacturing is enriched with with luxurious carvings with floral motifs, soft spirals that climb up the sides of the bed and wrap around the walnut wood headboard and then gather in a rich moulding. The carvings, according to the best tradition of the luxury classic furnishing, are covered in gold leaf and present the typical characteristics of the complements for the night area Louis XVI style. At the food of the bed then makes a fine show a curved bench that remember the characteristics: also it shows in fact a luxury classic manufacturing, that comprehend the upholstered capitonné seater, the carved walnut wood and the gold leaf finish. A luxury classic bed can not then do not provide for a wall tester that enhance the magnificence: for this bedroom has been chosen a wall tester always hand carved walnut and completely finished off in gold leaf.

Chest of drawers and night table inlaid in walnut

Moving the glance from the luxurious bed, not less impact are the others furnishing complements realized for this bedroom. First of all we start with the night tables, in which the protagonist, as for the bed, is the walnut wood, this time decorated not only by the carved details and with gold leaf finish, but also by the rich inlays that create dense geometrical motifs. In the middle of the night table, as framed by the intersecting lines alla round, a luxuriant floral composition.
The classic walnut chest of drawers follows the same style lines chosen for the night table: the inlaid walnut wood, the carvings that unroll like flowery garlands on the sides small columns, the beautiful turned small foot.

The great classic toilette in walnut complete the bedroom

The richness of the Louis XVI style is found also in the great classic toilette in walnut, essential element of a real luxury bedroom. The walnut wood, inlaid and carved with the same decorations that enhance chest of drawers and night tables, is once again the big protagonist. To complete the toilette, a mirror with a classic taste, enriched by gold leaf inlays, and the square pouf, in the same finish that characterizes the bed headboard and the curved bench. To note finally the luxurious table lamps Louis XVI style, finished off in gold leaf, in which the lampshade seems to be supported by a rich cushions of leaves.

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