The furniture of the classic living room: how to create a cozy and stylish ambience

Furniture for the classic living room with items from collection chinoiserie

The classic furniture for the living room, a rich variety of styles

The classic living room furniture is available in a wide variety of styles that are well suited to meet a wide range of tastes, needs and desires, making it possible to create real environments whatever style you want. Baroque environments or combinations have the warmth of family and friendship, the furniture of the classic living room is an ideal choice to create your own style in a sign of quality and luxury.
The furniture for the classic living room high-end stand normally for their craftsmanship: each piece is made by hand using only the best of both types of wood, both in fabrics chosen. The wooden parts are usually embellished with carvings and inlays, which are also made by hand, sometimes with gold leaf or silver leaf finish, an ancient technique to cover the surface of the wood with thin leaves of gold or silver, giving the furniture brightness and richness. Much will depend of course on the type of environment you want to create, from what color will be the dominant.

What to expect from furniture for classic living room

Among the furniture for the classic living room there are first of all armchairs and sofas: their number and their size will depend on the space we have available and the importance that we want to give to the part devoted to them. One possibility, particularly for large living rooms, would be to create different angles for this purpose: for example, an area full of armchairs and sofas, perhaps with a coffee table and other support, while one or more angles may be intended for parlors secondary, perhaps only consist of two chairs with table for meetings and more private and confidential conversations.
Among the furniture for the classic living room we may not forget the tables, and those low coffee, which are normally provided at the center of the padded area, or the most high, to be placed alongside sofas and armchairs, designed to do both as a convenient floor support when sitting, or a support for the table lamps. Special attention must be precisely given to such additions as lamps: you can choose those in carved and gilded wood that provide an unparalleled visual impact or others.
Among the furniture for the classic living room we can find a number of other accessories such as chest of drawers, perhaps complemented by large mirrors, sideboards of all sizes, from the angular ones with different doors, consoles more or less important or even libraries, if the desire is to give a literary touch to your living room.

Classical furniture for living room: combinations

A special mention goes to the combinations that we can expect between different classic furniture for the living room: the first idea, naturally, would be to opt for a perfectly coordinated environment. The most successful way is keeping the same colors and styles. In this case the atmosphere will be certainly balanced and warm. For the brave, however, the game of matching very different styles and colors can really turn out to be successful: so you will get an environment of strong character and very personal. Customizing furniture for the classic living room could start by inserting a single element of rupture than the rest of the accessories, such as the sideboard in Chinese style: a real touch of class, not at all the Chinoiserie were among the most popular items the Louis XV style. Or you can match different furniture for the classic living room, wooden wall panels and floors opting for strong colors.

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