Furniture destined to luxury villas: how to dress of exclusivity each room

  • Furniture destined to luxury villas: the living room

Furniture destined to luxury villas: choose the classic style furniture

The furniture destined to luxury villas must be designed to accurately reflect the style and the elegance of those who live there. It is therefore important that every detail has to be studied before beginning to work: which kind of essences of wood to choose, how to match colors and styles, if you prefer the warm tones of wood or refined ones of the white and of gold, as well as select fabrics for upholstery and curtains, down to the smallest accessories, be it a vase or a lamp. That’s why in choosing the decor of a luxury home is important to consult a specialized manufacturer, who knows on one hand the guarantee of the quality and the exclusivity of the furniture, but on the other hand also provide a consultancy service that allows to have the certainty of a result lived up to expectations under every point of view.

Furniture destined to luxury villas: the exclusivity of classical style furniture

For the furnishing of luxury villas the necessary condition is of course the quality of the furnishings: the most elegant and sophisticated choice is of course the one that provides classic furniture entirely made by hand by expert craftsmen, which at first glance are distinguished by the skill of their work and for the refinement of the finish. What distinguish therefore the furniture of luxury villas? The answer is twofold: on one hand, the high workmanship of each piece, on the other hand the ability to furnish each environment in its entirety because the final feeling is that of a harmony played by an orchestra. You can for example opt for a particular style, from the richness of hand carvings of Louis XV to the refined inlays inspired by a great Italian cabinet maker, Mr. Maggiolini, but also ensure that gilding, details, inlays, carvings and decorations chase themselves inside the rooms or even also in multiple environments to create a sophisticated “leitmotiv” that might be as characteristic element of the choices of furniture.

Furniture destined to luxury villas: design the luxury

Choose the furniture of luxury villas, it now seems clear, it is a challenge not easy, especially if you opt for classic-style furnishings that stand out for carvings, inlays and gilding. If the main characteristic of every furnishing for luxury villas that respects, as we have seen, is an artisan production that can take out the best of every essence for unique pieces, of highest workmanship, the technology offers in this case a fundamental support, allowing us to simulate with great accuracy what will be the final effect including not only furniture, but also floors, ceilings, boiserie, curtains and accessories.
It is in this way that Vimercati intend technology: not as something that replaces the manual skills, the handcraft ability and the artistic ability – essential elements for us in the furnishing of any luxury villa – but as an instrument that can help making dreams becoming reality, to see them before they are entrusted to the expert hands of an artisan for their final realization.

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