The technique of lacquering: craft and artistic skills at the service of furniture

The technique of lacquering has ancient origins and involves a series of processes that still today are performed as well as once. To decree a lasting success over the centuries is the possibilità to transform each furniture in a real work of art, characteristic that makes this technique a beloved solution  in the field of classic luxury furniture. But how is lacquered furniture?
First of all you must ensure that the surface to be lacquered is perfectly smooth and clean: any imperfection or particles  in the air in fact can cause irreparable damage to the result.  Then a dry surface, well smoothed and free from also the slightest trace of dirt is the essential initial condition.
The furniture is then treated with a primer paint that has two functions: the first is just that to facilitate the subsequent applicazione of colored paint, the second is that to fill every tiny residual porosity. The primer (bottom paint) is then smoothed and only then you can proceed with  the coating of the colored paint that will estabilish the final appearance of the furniture.
Last essential step is that of the decoration, in which in addition to the artisan technical skills necessary for the lacquering, are added artistic skills that can also come to  the realization of real paintings on the furniture.
Some examples inspired by the ancient art of lacquer? The chinoiserie realized on the model of those in vogue in the seventeenth century and in the eighteenth century.

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