The luxury double bed Emperador Gold in fine carvings and soft fabrics

The luxury double bed Emperador Gold: carving, precious fabrics and craftsmanship

This is the luxury bed of the exclusive collection of furniture for the night area, Emperador Gold, the great protagonist of this bedroom of hand-crafted Italian Louis XV-style.
Soft blankets in luxurious fabrics, embellished with trimmings of tone-on-tone recline on the carvings of the double luxury bed Emperador Gold, creating a delicate contrast between the softness of the fabrics and the sculptural forms of the gilded carvings. The large head pad of this luxurious double bed is emphasized by a beautiful wood frame alternating between segments smooth, sides finely carved with motifs of discrete, as opposed to the large volutes s that seem to take place around the publication itself, as lush climbing flower, which create a real golden crown.
To make it even more exclusive this luxurious double bed, there is a canopy in the wall, carved and gilded, which cloth-draped embrace the bed, and emphasize it even more making it the main protagonist.

For the luxury double bed Emperador Gold only the best production of Italian craftsmanship is used, in every detail

Notice the details that make this luxury double bed a creation truly exclusive: every element, even the smallest and hidden, with attention to the smallest detail: the embroidery of stuffs, the alternation of the patterns, either floral, or geometric, the work on the pleats that give movement to the composition, the finishing pad, the soft shapes of the carving that can give you dynamic also to the wood, imbuing it with new life, just as the flowers are about to bloom around the composition or had already deployed their full petals.
This is a perfection which, however, leads itself to the uniqueness of a hand-crafted and manual, which defines the luxury double bed as a creation that expresses not only an impact of regal view as a whole, but also the sense of wonder that comes from discovering how the majesty of the whole takes life by the skill with which it was created.

The luxury double bed Emperador Gold and the classic interior of bedroom, including carvings and inlays

The luxury double bed gives the best of itself, of course if placed in an environment that knows how to enhance it to the maximum: the chest of drawers embellished by refined inlays that decorate almost the entire surface, only in order to leave space for the beautiful floral motifs that characterize the carvings, but also the handles of the chest of drawers below, while those of the upper tray, almost invisible thanks to its integration with the decorations, take the form of classic shells. The black and shining marble-topped, that the notches reflect as in a lake at night. At the base of the large mirror that is skillfully hand-worked and gilded.
To the side of the luxury double bed there are bedside tables, also characterized by the alternation between inlays and carvings as well as a great toilet, very elegant in the version with mirror in walnut and gold.
Also should be noted the other elements coordinated to the luxurious bed room: let’s talk about the bench padded with processing capitonné and the armchair from the room, both made with the same precious tissue that is used for the head of the bed.
The final touch? The accessories of course: the lamps in carved and gilded wood and the matching cushions help to provide a welcoming environment, bringing the atmosphere of luxury.

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