A bedroom for luxury villa

How should a bedroom be like, to look unique?

The first distinctive element of a bedroom for villa is dimensions: it should be able to have space in which you can create different environments inside the room. It is in fact an important aspect, which allows to play with the possibilities offered by different furniture and to foresee all that is necessary at the moment when you want to relax at the end of the day or have a relaxation and quiet every day. Air, brightness and space in a bedroom for villa go with the elegance of the furniture, with the rich gilt carvings, with the inlays that outline luxuriant floral compositions or refined geometric motives: each detail talks about luxury and relaxation, in environments that are characterised and seem to invite you to the rest. Each composition is studied in order to take into account the desired style, the shape and the spaces of the room. Some elements recur almost always inside a bedroom for villa. They are important eitherfrom an aesthetic point of view or from functional.

The essential elements of a bedroom for villa

Among the essential elements of a bedroom for villa we have, as it is natural, the zone dedicated to the true and own rest: we will have here naturally the bed, as a rule in king size version, characterised by the softness of the shapes and at the rich decorations of the head. The most elegant and regal are the beds with stuffed head, perhaps with capitonné working adorned with rich carvings with leaf gold or silver finish. How to “dress” this bed? Naturally with the thinnest materials that recall not only the colours, but also the motives used in the rest of the room: in this way we will obtain a harmonic and great visual balance. The bed is not nevertheless a separate element, and on the contrary it is complete only with a series of other complements: we speak about bedside tables that can be probably combined with the rest of the complements of the room, even if we put them into other environments. An element that unites comfort and functionality is the bench in front of the bed. In the most elegant compositions there should certainly be the most beautiful baldachin also in co-ordinated materials. The second environment of a bedroom for villa is that one that is dedicated to the morning preparation or to that one evening, beforegoing to bed: we talk naturally about the toilette, as a rule combined with the bedside tables, the dimensions important and provided with a great mirror that helps to give also brightness to the whole room. Commodes and the classic toilette have an immediate visual impact on the whole room, which they confer importance and regalness. There is a third characteristic environment of each bedroom for villa that is distinguished: it concerns the demands and spaces. It is important to be simple but elegant, acciving the goal to seem an element of great usefulness in order that moments of relaxation become the best ones.

The design of a bedroom for villa

As it was indicated earlier, each bedroom for villa distinguishes from others for a series of factors: place, the tastes and the design wanted by the owner, his demands and the style of life. Any design must take into account the potentiality and physical limits of the room: the shape, the size, possible technical demands etc. Then we should pay attention to harmony and the balance, that require to distribute the elements so that the final result is aesthetically pleasant, with an adequate complements presence so that they are not too concentrated, not too thin. The atmosphere should be luxurious, but relaxing.

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