Sofa leaf gold: refined finishes for exclusive productions

Sofa leaf gold, symbol of the luxury furniture

Which is the true symbol of luxury furniture when we talk about a living room? No doubt, it is the sofa leaf gold, emblem of artisan manufacture, refinement, elegance and classic taste. The coupling between esteemed essences, finish in gold and the thinnest materials of high quality, where everything is flavoured by the homemade wisdom with which it is realised – these are ingredients of each sofa leaf gold – a renounced element in a classic luxury living room. sofas leaf gold are in fact without any doubt the elements that have the majority of attention in the whole environment, inside any composition. That is why so much attention is paid either on the carrying out or on the choice of these complements. But is each sofa leaf gold equal to others of the same category? Absolutely no: the finish and the manual carrying out are here to distinguish them from others, the shapes, the carvings, the materials, the dimensions, the workings – everything is different. In short, a series of elements make a deep difference of them from others and then it adapts to environments and different styles, nevertheless sharing the same elegance and the same luxury.

How to create a sofa leaf gold?

Each sofa leaf gold takes life first of all from the hands of carvers and engravers: they give them their essences, regal and elegant shapes and adorn them with the carvings carried out by hand. A long tradition and great experience of artisans the result of the operation must be perfect. With the beauty and with the harmony of the shapes, comfort and functionality must such furniture be done. To characterise a sofa leaf gold is nevertheless, the gilt finish that covers the parts inwood. Also there are other fundamental elements of the working: this finish is obtained in fact applying the thinnest sheets of true gold – in case alternated with the silver if the composition asks for the utilisation of different chromatic elements – on the carved surface of the wood. With patience and skill, these sheets are applied and fixed one by one following the complex carvings and only then they can give brightness and further wealth to the composition: the result is a complement of exclusive furniture. This sofa leaf gold is a great example of beauty that we can admire.

Exclusive models of sofa leaf gold

The utilisation of precious materials makes it clear that the sofas leaf gold are an exclusive production of a high working that requires a lot. But which models are destined to furnish the most beautiful living rooms of the world? The sofa leaf gold baroque model in this sense distinguishes from others by the regalness of its shapes: it remembers the throne, thanks to the great quantity of used gold. Nevertheless less such models as Luigi XV and Luigi XVI are also loved with the furniture that has an important presence of wood and carvings and, surely, a great gilding.

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