So a classic sofa is being born: from design to artisan craftsmanship

Classic sofa, choice of style

The design of the classic sofa: choosing of a style and a hand sketch

Classic sofa of the collection Venezia does not fail to fascinate every luxury classic passionate by its soft and sinuous curves, by its discrete carvings and elegance at the same time that can give the brightness to any environment. But how was the project of a classic sofa born? What are the ingredients that create this perfect alchemy?
Everything comes naturally, by careful planning: the inspiration comes from the most beautiful examples of classic sofas, those that have done the furnishing history in past centuries. Once you have chosen the style that you want to recreate, the first phase is the hand sketch: the design of a classic craft sofa that respects may not in fact ignore the knowledge and manual skill that characterize the early stages of its creation. It starts spouting the main lines, choosing the shape and general appearance that must have: the classic sofa design is gradually refined until it takes the desired shape. It’s time to put down the pencil and take hold of the chisel.

From design to reality: the carving classic sofa

That of the drawing is a tool, indeed crucial, that cannot ignore the litmus test constituted by the reality: because a classic sofa can really take shape and become part of the collections that will furnish the most beautiful villas in the world and it must indeed pass the fateful notch test. Once the classic sofa has been designed and defined on paper, the hand then passes to the carpenter and craftsman, which produce the individual parts and assemble.
This is a crucial time in the process that will create the classic sofa: at this stage it is decided whether the initial project is adequate or whether you need to change the parts, which can be individual parts or entire sections of the structure. But it is not the stage when the classic sofa gets “soul”: its essential structure, which characterizes both the aesthetic appearance and the convenience. A classic sofa not only must enchant with its perfect forms, but it must also be a source of comfort for whoever sits on it.

Classic sofa comes to life: the choice of finishes

The third step in creating a classic sofa is the choice of finishes: the design has set its essential characteristics, the skilled hands of a carpenter and engraver have shaped the matter because it would give life to the soul of the classic sofa, renovations and improvements have meant that the project was perfect in all its parts. But the classic sofa is not finished yet: you have to choose the finishes and decide what and how to fill the different parts. Wood and carvings are subjected to different finishes to verify the yield; the pads are arranged in a special way in order to give the classic sofas their soft and at the same time majestic appearance, to be comfortable and inviting.
Finally, the fabrics for the classic sofa are being chosen, those that consider themselves to better express the characteristics: it is precisely at this stage that the taste of the customer comes into play with its peculiarities and its desires. The leafy woods or silver leaf may leave room for the natural finish or vice versa, as well as the white flowery or patterned fabrics can be transformed into sumptuous silks in different colors and with the most varied fantasies.
So everyone can create his own luxury classic sofa.

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