A classic bedroom designed to turn dreams into matter

Classic bedroom 2011

The splendor of the Louis XVI style in a classic room of great charm bed

A classic bedroom designed to turn dreams into matter, to shape them in lavish carvings or crystallize in the form of delicate inlays. The part of the great examples of the past, by the styles that have made the history of furniture and that have always fascinated members of royal and noble houses: furniture that made a fine show in the most exclusive palaces in Europe, defining the aesthetic taste of generations over the centuries. In the case of this classic bedroom we can talk of the Louis XVI style, one of those still appreciated by lovers of the classic style.
Soft and majestic shapes, seem to invite everyone who comes into this classical bedroom to rest and tranquility to embellish the furnishings, classical carvings featuring this beloved style, but also precious inlays that are proudly displayed on almost every element of this beautiful classic bedroom.
How not to fall in love with the soft golden wood garlands or refined geometric designs?

In the classic bedroom the main protagonist is the carved bed

The star of this classic bedroom is of course the big king size bed in walnut: taking inspiration from Louis XVI style, the craftsmanship of the Italian artisans gave life to this original creation, made entirely by hand and at the same time characterized by balance, sobriety and majesty. Just look at the curved line of the head, simple and at the same time perfect, on which you wrap the soft wreaths of flowers that are harvested in the large central notch, real fulcrum of the whole composition.
Just this alternation between simple shapes and clean and decorative sudden explosions is the distinctive feature of this classic bedroom, which manages the difficult task of combining clean shapes and the final impact majesty. All this of course thanks to the mastery of the Italian furniture craftsmen, true masters in creating famous classical furnishings throughout the world for their beauty.

The furnishings of the classic bedroom dress in fine marquetry

A classic bedroom is not only a bed, no matter how beautiful and majestic it is therefore a complete line of furniture just as exclusive and handmade creation, designed to satisfy every need of use with utmost elegance. In the case of this classic bedroom, the furniture in walnut in style Louis XVI is distinguished by the refined carvings (just look at the beautiful handles, decorations on the side columns and frames), but also and especially for inlays that decorate every surface in a discreet and elegant way: real paintings not brush tip, but cleverly combining thin sheets of different essences. Thus the refined compositions of this classic bedroom speak the language of wood.

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