Majestic, welcoming, elegant: the classical luxury armchairs

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Impressive and welcoming like favors: the elegance of classical luxury armchairs

Who, at first glance already, could not fall in love with these classic luxury armchairs? Their imposing presence, worthy of that of an ancient throne, is indeed accompanied by their welcoming and enveloping quality.
In the end, their undeniable charm derives from a thoughtful study of the forms accompanied by skillful workmanship.
Their very size, that is small compared to those of a sofa, ensures they are particularly kingly: just as we imagine them – or perhaps as we have seen where they remain – in the European royal drawing rooms of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
The classic luxury armchairs take their inspiration directly from these great examples and are proposed in such a way as to satisfy modern needs and tastes but without ever betraying their original models.
When we talk about luxury classic armchairs, we are talking about models that are very different from each other, and therefore suitable to meet different needs and to fit harmoniously in different environments, but always united by a style that looks at these golden centuries of furnishing luxury and skilled craftsmanship.

The classic luxury armchairs issue from a perfect combination of skillfully worked wood and precious fabrics

We have said that the classic luxury armchairs, whatever the chosen style, are united by respect of the models they take inspiration from.
To characterize them are the shapes, impressive and majestic, and the clever combination of woodworking and use of precious and refined fabrics, also worked so that they assume an even grander stage presence. Let’s think about the most typical application, the capitonné, which still today can only be made by hand and which thus confers the classic luxury armchairs with a unique preciousness.

Wood, when exposed, is usually carved by hand, whether it has curls or floral arrangements, or simply to give the armchair a blurred and exclusive frame.
Some of the luxury classic armchairs have large carved wooden parts, sometimes even with floral-themed copings and gold or silver leaf finishes.
In others, the wooden part represents only the structure of the armrests or is limited to the feet, but this is not the least sought after.
Together with wood, the main protagonists are obviously the fabrics, which make up the predominant part of the armchair: rich, refined, often embellished with tone-on-tone or contrasting floral decorations, worked and applied with great skill.

The luxury classic armchairs in exclusive living rooms

The luxury classic armchairs find their raison d’être within exclusive salons that share their same luxury. They are therefore usually accompanied by sofas made in the same style and the same fabric, but not only.
In order the living room is complete, it is usual to combine luxury classic armchairs with, for instance, tall tiny tables to be laid in the middle of the upholstered furniture, which may be accompanied by carved wooden lamps with matching fabric; small and low little coffee tables may also stay in front of armchairs and the sofas.
These tables are often characterized not only by the carvings that recall those of the armchairs but also by refined inlays with a floral theme, real paintings to admire while you softly lay on the recliners.

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