Classic dormeuse: the elegance of a complement with ancient origins

  • Classic dormeuse

The classic dormeuse embodies all the charm of the past in its forms

The charm of the classic dormeuse is unique and timeless: just looking at it brings to mind images of elegant relaxation and pleasant conversations, as in some paintings that portrayed noble characters lying on these beautiful furnishing complements.
On the other hand, from this same great past the classic dormeuse takes inspiration and even seems to have come out without intermediation, such are its charm and beauty. Its purpose is precisely to bring back into today parlors the taste for elegant luxury in furnishings of the finest European seventeenth and eighteenth century, thanks to the rich craftsmanship that are an integral part of it.
A romantic touch and at the same time great royalty, it is by itself able to give character and refinement to an entire room: to introduce a classic daybed in a living room means therefore let it immediately acquire a higher status, greater refinement, in beauty and luxury spirit.

Golden carvings and precious fabrics: this is how the classic dormeuse comes to life

Naturally, to ensure that a classic dormeuse is truly a piece of luxury and therefore a distinctive element of a high-end lounge, it necessarily needs have some characteristics that distinguish it. The first one is craftsmanship: being handmade by expert craftsmen does not only mean achieving superior quality, but also that each production is in fact a unique piece, thanks to the manual contribution of the artisan.
This classic dormeuse, for example, is a 100% handmade creation: every phase of its creation is done by hand, from woodwork to rich carvings, from gilding to the application of upholstery and precious fabrics, to final polishing.
The difference is for all to see: in this way you can get a unique product, elegant, real luxury cared for in its smallest details. In short, a classic dormeuse that is not only worthy to show off in a classy living room, but also capable to be its absolute protagonist and outstanding piece.

The classic dormeuse inside a living room

As we have said just above, the classic dormeuse can really be the strong and distinctive piece of a luxury living room, thanks to its presence that certainly does not go unnoticed. For it may give its best, of course, the surrounding environment also needs to share its own level of luxury and elegance: then here undoubtedly are chairs and sofas coordinated with the classic dormeuse, both in the carvings and in the choice of fabrics, and also a series of other accessories contributing to create a harmonious and luxurious environment.
We are talking about carved and gilded small tables with marble tops, table and floor lamps also in carved wood, wall lights, and custom boiserie … a complete project able to create an environment that shares the same luxury as the classic dormeuse.

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