Classic wooden beds: high craftsmanship proposals for different styles

Classic wooden beds for different environments and styles

When we talk about classic wooden beds, we are not referring to a unique product, always similar in its various proposals, but rather about a myriad of styles that are suitable for the most diverse environments and tastes. One feature remains, however, undoubtedly common to all classic wooden beds, be they smooth and rigorous models or whether we are talking about models worked, carved, gilded: their great elegance.

In fact, it is a matter of luxury productions, whose craftsmanship is an important and essential element: in short, whatever the chosen style, inside these classic wooden beds we find all the wisdom and all the artistic talent of expert craftsmen that make these complements become really unique pieces, that can adapt perfectly to the most different classical environments.

Why so large a diversity? Because many are the great examples taken from the classical world, different both for geographical location and for the evolution of taste, which sees different epochs prefer different stylistic solutions. The Vimercati artisanal productions aim precisely at faithfully reproducing the salient features of these high classical examples and proposing they are embedded in complements that maintain all the flavor of such great pasts: this is how our classic wooden beds origin.

The importance of manual skills in classic wooden beds

Once again, as for all luxury furnishings even for classic wooden beds, one of the distinctive traits that cannot be ignored is manual wisdom: they are not made more or less automatically by machines. On the contrary, they are always the result of a long manual work to shape, carve, inlay, polish, finish. Each phase of the processing requires specific and different skills, thus involving different craftsmen.

Their intervention – although always present and indeed fundamental – becomes even more evident in the case of models with carvings or inlays:
These classic wooden beds, in fact, have real sculptures (in the case of carvings) or paintings (in the case of inlays ) that instead of marble and oils see wood or the different essences as their protagonists to create real works of art.

Classic wooden beds, smooth, carved, gilded

We emphasized here above how, speaking of classic wooden beds, we actually design a wide range of products that respond to a myriad of different styles and tastes. The simplest beds, those that we could call having a European disposition, usually leave the wood with its vivid and natural shades to be the protagonist: clean and rigorous forms, embellished here and there by some carving or refined inlays, for warm and welcoming environments.

We are then gradually moving towards larger and more elaborate models, starting from the golden carvings that embellish the structure up to the classic wooden beds with really regal features, perhaps accompanied by wall canopy with coordinated fabrics and the bench too in pendant with the bed.

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