Armchairs for luxury living rooms: the exclusivity of handicraft production

The creation of a classic setting with luxury living room armchairs

When you are creating a living area in classical style, the choice of armchairs for luxury salons is never a secondary issue. On the contrary: together with the sofa these are the real protagonists of the composition and as such deserve all the attention of the case. To make these armchairs unique are their regal shapes, the careful craftsmanship of the wood, the selection of the best fabrics, as befits of real armchairs for luxury living rooms.
Personal taste determines the rest: it is possible, for example, to choose models in which the absolute protagonists are the fabrics, in which the wooden structure is entirely or almost entirely hidden leaving the whole scene to the tissues and paddings. Or on the contrary, there are models in which wood is also a great protagonist, sometimes even coming to appear predominant, as for a dramatic effect, compared to the fabric.
Still, you may like armchairs for luxury salons in soft or neutral colours, which fit harmoniously into the about environment, or on the other hand, choose sturdy, contrasting shades that immediately highlight the armchair in relation to its surroundings.
To determine the choice will be the type of ambiance that you want to create and the style that most pleases your customer: the large sample of luxury fabrics proposed by Vimercati can meet all such needs.

Armchairs for luxury living rooms: the secret is in skilled craftsmanship

As we have repeatedly said, even in luxury living room armchairs the craftsmanship involving all production phases, together with the materials, make the main difference.
For these complements, it is necessary not only to use the very best woods and fabrics but also to work them wisely so that they are aesthetically superior, dependable, resistant, comfortable, with balanced and pleasant shapes.
In short, luxury living room armchairs are the result of a unique combination of dexterity, craftsmanship, technology, high-quality raw materials, passion in our work: all features that we find in the made in Italy luxury furnishings and that make these productions among the most sought-after in the world.

Precious fabrics, carvings and gilding: what makes luxury living room armchairs unique

The luxury living room armchairs proposed by Vimercati are productions of high craftsmanship in the world of the classic: in fact, they present a series of characteristics borrowed from those great examples of past centuries that still today show off in the most elegant and exclusive salons.
We are talking not only of the refined and elaborately worked fabrics but also of the carvings that often characterize the wooden parts when in sight. Curls, flowers, soft plant garlands frame the tissues, making them even more majestic and striking. Not to mention the finishes in gold leaf or silver leaf, which entail the cover (made by hand, of course) of the carved parts with thin sheets of these precious materials. The brightness and the wealth that derive from it are priceless.

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