Luxury furniture for the kitchen: when even the stove becomes exclusive

  • Luxury furniture for the kitchen, gilded

The luxury furniture for the kitchen, the classic style enters the kitchen

The kitchens, in particular in recent years, have become one of the environments where the luxury of a home shows: far from being just service spaces, often with slightly Spartan furnishings and devoted more to functionality than aesthetics, they have fully entered into the category of house rooms where you can meet and of course cook and maybe even receive guests in a more informal environment than the living room, but still elegant and refined. Here, then, that luxury kitchen furniture has increasingly taken hold, starting from modern styles that were the most suitable for this transformation. But what about the world of the classic, instead? The difficulty was undoubtedly higher, since the classical style in itself had never considered this room, just because in the past centuries classical furnishings had never been designed for kitchens, which were reserved for service personnel and for preparing meals with, however, no attention to the aesthetic side.
Well, we can rightly say that today things have radically changed and luxury furniture for the kitchen is now a reality and indeed perhaps one of the applications where the ingenuity of classic furniture combined with modern lifestyle can express itself at its best.

Lounge or dining room? Now luxury kitchen furniture makes this room one of the centers of the home

If the living room or the dining room remains the ideal places for formal receptions and to receive their guests, thus luxury kitchen furniture makes this environment also suitable for both the most informal occasions and for hosting the family in everyday life, without ever giving up elegance and luxury. Moreover, by now the kitchen is often transformed into one of the rooms where the home represents itself, so that more and more often the most luxurious houses include two kitchens: the largest and most modern ones for the preparation of meals and those in classic style just as a place of representation, in fact.

Whatever the solution you have chosen, luxury kitchen furniture is the ideal solution for those who really want in their house, be it a villa or an apartment, each room to share the elegance and refinement of the rest of the home. Here we find therefore valuable materials, decorations, gilding, typical elements of the classical world that make a fine show of themselves, bringing these furnishings to the same level as those chosen for the most elegant salons.

Luxury furniture for kitchen between work of value and functionality

One of the most significant difficulties in designing luxury kitchen furniture was precisely that of finding the right balance between the beauty of classic furniture and the functionality required by the modern lifestyle. This is because naturally, by their very nature, the classical world had never been interested in the furnishing of these environments, nor could it have done so since the kitchen of contemporary conception is an invention precisely of the modern world and as such has very different characteristics than those that could be seen in the past centuries from which the classic furniture takes direct inspiration.

A challenge that, we can say, has been won with honors: today luxury kitchen furniture can perfectly combine the distinctive traits of classic furniture with the characteristics of a modern kitchen, thanks to ingenious solutions that allow you to conceal current mechanisms and conveniences within the accessories themselves.

Entirely custom-made, hand-worked just like the other accessories, luxury kitchen furniture is now an essential element for a classic, elegant and refined home.

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