Walnut dresser, a production dedicated to the great Maggiolini

  • Walnut dresser for the classic room

The richness of the inlays of this walnut dresser as a tribute to the greatness of Maggiolini

Some names leave an indelible mark on the history of furniture all over the world: one of these is undoubtedly the one of Maggiolini, to whom this walnut dresser is dedicated. As in the productions of this great master of furniture, one characteristic of the walnut dresser is the richness of the inlays that – even in its different versions – enrich both the chest of drawers and the top and sides. The combination of walnut and olive wood creates beautiful designs of classical inspiration: soft leaves unroll on the surfaces in a luxurious garland, geometric patterns create particular optical effects, large frames highlight the beauty of the decorations. Just like Maggiolini creations, this walnut dresser is a hymn to the skill of Italian artisans, which can create artistic compositions of the highest level by the sole force of wood. An ancient know how that is first handed down in the bodegas, then in today’s craft companies that have kept this great tradition unaltered.

Walnut dresser: the exclusivity of a high-class artisan production

As we have seen, what makes this walnut dresser unique is its high-level craftsmanship, in particular: each phase of its workmanship is rigorously executed by hand first by expert carpenters, then by capable and long experienced inlayers, to then finish with the polishing phases. Craftsmanship, always combined with the choice of materials and woods of high quality, means that these furnishings can be considered really unique pieces, worthy of making a show of themselves in the most luxurious villas in the world: this is the reason for the no borders success, which brought this walnut dresser, as well as all other complements of this collection, to make fall in love with fans of all nationalities. Each part of the complement is treated and finished with extreme care, both the visible and the most hidden one: the passion for detail, for the perfection of even the smallest feature, is in fact what distinguishes these classic luxury products.

The walnut dresser inside the classic luxury room

Unique piece of great refinement, this walnut dresser is perfect inside any room in classic style (but also, why not, as a breaking element in environments with a completely different style), but naturally gives the best of itself when combined with other luxury classic furniture that can give it the right emphasis. Think, for example, of the beauty of this walnut dresser inside a Baroque room, with its elaborate carvings, inlays, gold leaf and silver leaf finishes, sumptuous fabrics: a luxury classic bedroom can only gain in elegance and refinement with the introduction of this walnut dresser among the furnishings.

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