Luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room

A luxury wooden sideboard embellished with inlays and handcrafted production

The charm of wood, a living material that is always different, never dies: this luxurious wooden sideboard is a demonstration, a model in which undoubtedly the skill of processing, the exclusivity of the woods and the high-end finishes make the difference. To immediately catch the eye are obviously the inlays, real paintings in which the protagonists are not tempera and oils, but the different wooden essences that, skillfully combined, create precious designs.
What makes, however, this luxurious wooden sideboard such a precious piece of furniture? The elements, as mentioned, are many: first of all the choice of materials. There is indeed wood and wood, and the one used for this sideboard is of the highest quality and – above all – it is real wood. Then there is the craftsmanship, another distinctive element that contributes significantly to its being a luxury product. Again, there is attention to even the smallest details, whether they are visible or hidden: every detail of the sideboard is taken care of with great care and skill. The result? A product that, just by looking at it, can express all its exclusivity.

The warmth of a classic living room: the luxurious wooden sideboard as the center of the room

With its large size, the wood freely expressing all its power in its natural colors, the large and refined inlays, this luxurious wooden sideboard can only stand as one of the great protagonists of the room.

Mostly used in classical environments (even if more and more frequently original architectural projects aim to integrate classical pieces within purely modern environments), this luxurious wooden sideboard has several accompanying complements also, that share its materials, finishes, and inlays.

For example, the table – whose central inlay recalls that of the sideboard – with the chairs combined with large wooden showcases with inlays, another complement often appreciated for its scenic presence. If you then go from the dining room to the living room, why not combine it with a carved living room, perhaps with a gold leaf or silver leaf finishes, to give the environment that touch of contrast that can make it even more interesting? The possibilities are very many indeed, and they vary depending on personal taste and on which environment you want to give life to, with even daring and unusual combinations.

A luxurious wooden sideboard can only be handmade

Why do we talk about a luxurious wooden sideboard? Because luxury – despite the apparent simplicity of this composition – is inherent in its own creation, especially in the tremendous manual expertise that such a production requires.
In fact, they are unique pieces, since they are entirely handmade by expert craftsmen in Italy: every step of the processing needs expertise, professionalism, dexterity and artistic sense. Let’s think about the delicate operation of cutting and combining wooden essences to create those marvelous paintings that are the inlays: can you imagine the craftsman at work? Such is the essence of luxury.

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