Bedside table for classic double room: luxury even in small complements

Lacquered bedside table for classic double bedroom

The nightstand for a classic double room is a fundamental part of the sleeping area furniture

When you think of a style bedroom, thought immediately runs to those that are its main pieces of furniture: the bed, definitely king size and majestic appearance, the dressing table with mirror, the chest of drawers and maybe even the boudoir, a real comfort in any bedroom. Not less important, however, are the smaller complements too: just think of the canopy, which alone is able to give a truly regal aura to the composition, or consider the bench that is placed at the foot of the bed and has a both a functional and a major aesthetic role. Amidst these complements, we will undoubtedly go to include the nightstand for the classic double room: a unique creation because, even in its small size, it offers all features and luxury workings of its “companions” of larger dimensions. Here is why each bedside table for a classic double room is a unique and really interesting piece: because of the beauty of its details and its ability to confer even greater majesty to the entire room, and because its absence would certainly be noticed (and never forgiven !)

Lacquering, carvings, gilding, decorations, inlays: a small guide to the bedside table for a classic double bedroom

As mentioned above, one of the peculiarities of the bedside table for a classic double bedroom is that it takes up, though in smaller dimensions, all the features that distinguish the furniture chosen for the room: we will, therefore, find luxury workings such as carvings, inlays, lacquers and decorations, as well as fine finishes such as gold leaf and silver leaf. The nightstand for the classic double room, as a rule, is in fact carried out in conjunction with the rest of the furnishings: the floral carvings typical of these craft productions, the shapes that distinguish the complement, the composition of the inlays, will therefore be coordinated: in this way, as soon as you enter the room you will feel a pleasant sense of harmony and welcome.

The craftsmanship in working the nightstand for a classic double bedroom

If in the realization of a bedside table for the classic double room we find the same characteristics that make the rest of the furniture special, the same mastery will be required for its realization: these furnishing accessories take life thanks to the skilled hands of Italian artisans such as carvers, inlayers, gilders, but not only. Each piece is strictly handmade and taken care of in every detail to reach perfection. Only in this way can we say that we have created a piece of luxury able to show off in the most elegant and exclusive homes in the world.

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