Classic Console: a small complement that turns into a table

  • Closed classic console

Spaces multiply thanks to the classic console

A classic console is a piece of furniture that is always very appreciated, able to combine elegance and small dimensions, to furnish, for example, hallways and corridors, but also to give that extra touch to the living rooms. If then the classic console is able to turn into a table in all respects, you’re done. The long craftsmanship that leads to the creation of these pieces of furniture makes it possible to propose in a single solution a piece of furniture that, on the one hand, reflects in all respects the characteristics of the classic style and on the other is able to meet the modern life needs, often very different from those in effect when these styles were created. In fact, the classical console presents carvings and inlays in line with the elegance and refinement of these ancient examples, but at the same time is equipped with ingenious mechanisms that allow you to turn it in a few steps into a real table that can accommodate all the family or friends, without having to live with a fixed encumbrance often difficult to manage.

A classic console to bring the luxury of style furniture even where you have to pay attention to the spaces

The spaces of today often have nothing to do with those in which the great furnishings of the classical era have come to life: it was then a question of great villas, palaces, often very immense environments that today are difficult to find even in homes – and in particular in apartments – of larger dimensions, however luxurious. And here, dealing with spaces becomes a need: finding the way to make the room airy, welcoming, but at the same time able to accommodate the family or those visiting it is not always easy. The classic console allows just this: bring a touch of luxury even where you need to deal with the available space. Three levels of progressive elongation make it possible to turn the classic console, in a few steps, into a table having small dimensions, first, and then to make it also suitable for a larger number of people. And when it is no longer needed, it returns to cover its discreet but elegant console role without taking up precious space.

Handcrafted manufacturing for a classic console that leaves wood to be the protagonist

To make this classic console a real piece of luxury, the choice of quality wooden essences and the rigorously crafted workmanship that distinguishes it. The classic console is, in fact, the result of the skillful work of Italian artisans: each piece is handmade, carved, inlaid and finished to be perfect in all its parts. Precisely this particular processing, handed down from generation to generation and at the base of luxury furniture made in Italy, and the attention to every small detail make this classic console an example of luxury and elegance suitable for any home that wants to make refinement and quality their distinctive traits.

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