Furniture for dining room: luxury sits at the table

dining room furniture, the table

The dining room furniture as a business card

The choice of furniture for the dining room is of particular importance, as that will probably be not only the room used by the family but also the place where we will receive guests for pleasant lunches or dinners in the company. Together with the entrance (often unduly forgotten in the choice of furniture) the dining room will, therefore, be the real business card by which we will introduce ourselves to our friends, acquaintances or anyone who will attend our house. How then to choose the furniture for the dining room so that it performs its function at its best? First of all, we will naturally have to take into consideration both its destination and the core issue of its dimension. Is this a room for family lunches or will it be used for receptions or, again, both? Does it include only the space dedicated to lunch or even a sitting room that can be used both for guests’ reception and for an aperitif or for a pleasant after dinner? The decor of a dining room for banquets and receptions will naturally host a large table and will have luxury finishes: carved, inlaid and with details in gold leaf and silver leaf, comfortable and elegant chairs with precious fabrics and also enriched with luxurious elements will, in fact, be items of great scenic impact for guests. Do not forget also the other accessories: sideboards, windows, lamps, but also the boiserie will have a fundamental role in furnishing. If there is space for a living room (perhaps completed by a fine liquor cabinet) ambiance gains in elegance, comfort, and hospitality.

For the family also, a high-end dining room furniture

Even when it comes to the family dining room furniture, the choice is important: that is often the place where all components meet daily or almost, to eat together and share experiences in an environment that must be convenient, comfortable and cozy. If luxury is a must when it comes to banquets and receptions, even in this room solutions with fine finishes are welcome. Perfect, therefore, in the furnishings for the dining room, the provision of a table large enough to comfortably accommodate all the guests, perhaps embellished with carvings, inlays, and gold leaf finishes, as well as chairs. But not only: sideboards, showcases, small tables, even a small living room can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. So even these dining rooms can be a valuable meeting place for both the family and relatives or your closest friends.

The Italian craftsmanship experience in the furnishings for the dining room

To join all the above-identified characteristics, the dining room furniture need have a common denominator, regardless of whether it is a banquet hall or a family environment: we speak of course of craftsmanship, because only the skilled hands of expert artisans can create such perfect masterpieces in every particular. In this field, the “made in Italy” is recognized all over the world to be a reference point and, most probably, an unattainable model: the expertise with which these furnishings are realized leads them to be real works of art, unique handmade pieces intended for the most refined environments.

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