Imperial: a classic really regal armchair

Classic armchair Imperial

An important classic armchair

The name of this classic armchair already expresses the essence: the model Imperial carries on mind the pomp of regal living rooms, the pleasantness of refined conversations and the luxury of exclusive receiving. The soft shapes give this classic armchair a great visual impact: an importance underlined by the great bent arms, which seem to underline the stateliness of the composition and to receive the one who sits there.
The great stuffed elements, the refined wooden inserts that trace out the silhouette of this classic armchair: we find them to cover moderately the base, on the arms, to form luxuriant vegetable elements incised to hand. But we find them also on the back almost to crown a composition. Every detail is cared attentively in order to produce a final effect of undiscussed impact.

The classic armchair and the living room

The classic armchair Imperial is an important element in the living rooms; however it may change its character depending on the varying finishes, decorations and selected colors. Perfect companion of this classic armchair is naturally the sofa of the collection Imperial, which shares the salient aspects: the soft and imposing shapes characterized by curvatures particularly on the arms and the backside, the inserts in wood incised on base, arms and back are distinctive elements of this collection.
There are small coffee tables carved and made rich by finishes gold and silver leaf refined more or less with complex inlays combined with the classic armchair and with the sofa Imperial: these are the ideal complements to underline the majesty of the living room, and also small tables that can be put to the corners, being the support for refined lamps with lampshade in material combined with that choice done for the classic armchair.

Classic armchair: choice of the finishes

This classic armchair with luxury finishes and an attentive choice of the materials, has not only the advantage of the majesty, but also is able to change decidedly its character: the most elegant in the refined cloths to gilt weft, with the elements in wood, becomes an element of great visual impact and with the decided character if dressed in the tones of the red, or it becomes romantic in more clear colors.
The classic armchair in modern character can be covered for example in white skin, succeeding in the almost impossible task of combining classic style and contemporary taste in one result of great effect and on the same time of an elegance.

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