Classic bedside tables: a dream in miniature

Classic decorated bedside tables

It does not serve to be big to express the luxury: the classic bedside tables

Little jewels with the great character, nevertheless in reduced dimensions cover a fundamental list in the furniture of each bedroom: obviously we talk about the classic bedside tables, true and own works of art in miniature in comparison with the great elements that we find in the bedrooms: the bed, chest of drawers, toilette and wardrobes. In short, it might seem that the classic bedside tables are a secondary element but vice versa actually they take all the attention.
Synonym of luxury and elegance, the classic bedside tables are dressed in carvings, inlays and gold finishes. They bring the imagination to the ancient exotic mysterious worlds as it is to accompany our sleeps and to keep our secrets.

Classic bedside tables: the carved models

The surface of the classic bedside tables is a perfect element fully expressed: here are delicate wooden frames or refined floral compositions, true and own paintings that are not expressed through paintings, but they leave to express itself to be thousand shadings of the wooden essences.
The classic bedside tables are even more refined and embellished by the hands of expert decorators, who in brush point create bouquet and garlands, geometric elements and soft spirals.
What can we say about the classic bedside tables that recall the chinoiserie so much loved in last centuries? On the brightest black top exotic landscapes and scenes of faraway and fantastic worlds, which accompany the imagination in a dimension of calm bewitchment, in which it seems to feel almost the slow washing of the water and the rustles of the bamboo between the flowering branches of peach and cherry trees take life.

Classic bedside tables: the carved models

If inlays and decorations require to be expressed at best, straight and spacious surfaces, the mastery of the carvings is seen above where the lines are done sinuous or corners decided: that is why the classic bedside tables never despise the intervention of the expert hands of artisan engravers, and before the carving it becomes often the element of the most luxurious classic bedside tables with bold shapes of the baroque style.
The decorations can be done in golden and silver leaf, making softer the lines of the composition. The classic bedside tables are usually carved and these are fundamental elements for the harmony of the final result. Also in the models that can seem simpler, you observe and find the intervention of the most refined carvings.

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