Classical beds: sleeping in a king`s bedroom

Classical beds: model with canopy

Classical beds carved and gilded

The classic beds are the dream of anyone who wants to sleep surrounded by elegance and beauty: what is better, to wish you a good night, a carving of floral arrangements that you climb up on the head like a soft crown will not wither ever? And what can make it more shining, our dreams of a refined work on gold leaf, that face shine golden glow even the hottest essences. That’s why the classic beds have never ceased to fascinate lovers of furniture in the style of the whole world: just think of how wonder still today we encounter the most beautiful examples of classical beds of the centuries that were, the ones who have welcomed the nights gifts of kings and nobles, the ones shining in the bright light of so much sophistication and elegance to become not only a place for rest, and to his own person, but also of receipt.
Then, as today, classical beds are a mark of distinction recognized throughout the world: and the past centuries and of the great styles that marked them have kept intact the style, the carvings and inlays, gildings, and all the skill and art necessary to bring them to life. In modern times, these classical beds, however, have taken important dimensions, that in addition ensure the maximum of comfort in order to enhance the majesty, and the result and for sure the scenic effect.

A classic beds with canopy: a touch of class

To distinguish in the imagination of all of us, classical beds, in addition to the characteristics described above, there is an undeniable complement: let’s talk about the canopy, of course, the true signature for any classic bed worthy of the name. Of course, we can also opt for the canopies the column that we are used to seeing in different classics beds, but the solution definitely more classy and refined is the canopy to the wall, especially if the workmanship and fabrics coordinates to those provided and used for the headboard of the bed.
If the canopy comes to the needs of privacy, as health – formerly the rooms, also a manor, could accommodate often willing servitude, and it was not uncommon for old castles to receive unwanted visits of insects and rodents – with the passing of the centuries, the canopy loses fortunately its connotations practices to become, with the examples that we used to see in the beds classic example of the period of Louis XV and Louis XVI, pure decorative elements. Continuing his path from the element connected to the use of complement beauty, the canopy, which today is used for the classical beds is, therefore, that in its most discrete wall, yet elegant and regal, that frames the bed with soft and precious and elegant fabrics.

Luxury linens for classic beds

Speaking of the fabrics that make up the canopies of the classic beds, it is not possible to forget the equally richness and exclusiveness that should be the dowry of every good classic bed: we speak of course of sets of luxury bedding and decorative pillows which play an important role in the final appearance.
The classic beds are, in fact, a perfect balance of several elements, all designed in particular: the choice of bed linen, bedspreads and pillows, were it not for another for their extension, and then for their visual impact, is therefore an element of the first floor.
That’s why the luxury classic beds are always presented, whatever the fabric chosen for the head and possibly for the canopy, with a set of high-quality in a coordinated manner.

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