The exclusive furniture: as the luxury proposal was born

The exclusive furniture: classic style

The exclusive furniture inspired by the great classic styles of the past

The exclusive furniture comes to life from the great classic styles of the past in pieces designed to make a fine show in the most elegant villas and apartments around the world: to do the lion’s share, in this philological research of the exclusive furniture pieces that have made the history, it is no doubt the baroque style, unique in its majesty and in its bold games of slots, followed by the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI, who never fail to win the hearts of fans. Among the exclusive furniture the most admired are, however, also directly inspired by a true genius of the craft of cabinet-making Italian: we speak of course of the unmatched Maggiolini, the greatest master of inlay that the world has ever seen.
The number of fans of luxury furnishings is growing and getting stronger. They know that they can find in the made in Italy a perfect recipe made of art, craft, technology, quality, attention. It is from this environment so rich and fertile that gives life to the furniture for exclusive projects of luxury, not only individual pieces, but entire scenes to a room, or even for the villas in their complex.

Exclusive furniture for the day area

The unique furniture for furnishing of the living area includes not only living and dining rooms, but also luxurious kitchens and all these spaces of welcome and transition – such as foyers and corridors – that should never be underestimated, as they represent the visitor’s first impact with the dwelling and must therefore be at the height of the rest of the furnishings.
These unique furniture pieces will include, therefore, large dining tables, chairs, sideboards and cabinets, but also sofas and armchairs, low coffee tables or higher, consoles and cabinets, as well as lamps from the table, both from the ground and applique. Do not forget that everything which constitutes the perimeter: doors and doorways, wainscoting and curtains. All of these elements in their complex combine are to create unique, refined atmosphere full of character: the right combination of exclusive furniture, whether you opt for the original choices of daring combinations, is an art that goes through each area not only of a single room, but throughout the house as a whole house or villa. Just the gilding, normally combined with wonderful carvings, are one of the elements that cannot miss in exclusive furniture inspired by the classic styles: the exuberance of the Louis XV and Louis XVI, and the rich majesty of the Baroque feed on this feast of flowers, curls and twists that come to life on wood.

Exclusive furniture for the night area

If the furniture is exclusive in the day and welcome area demonstrate their timeless elegance, the same exclusive furniture is needed to furnish the sleeping area: with sumptuous carved beds and clothes of the finest fabrics, chest of drawers, enriched by carvings and inlays and the beautiful lady’s sanctum with large mirrors, in order that a day starts and ends in the best of ways.
Also everything, beginning from the bed and to the bedside, all the exclusive furniture that decorate the room, should be coordinated and studied down to the smallest detail in order to create an environment that is harmonious, rich and at the same time welcoming and relaxed, ready to do from the cradle to the dreams more refined.

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