A classic wardrobe for the today demands

Classic modular wardrobe

The classic wardrobe becomes modular

A classic wardrobe that answers for any functional demands and also for aesthetics: it is really possible.
Even if it might seem the most traditional furniture, in fact the classic wardrobe is a quite modern invention and it represents the natural evolution of the ancient trunks destined to receive the rich garments of nobility accustomed to moving in different residences according to the engagements and seasons. In short, in the golden centuries of the classic luxury furnishing the wardrobe did not exist. There were richly carved and inlaid trunks instead of wardrobes. The classic wardrobe could not naturally present refined work adapted to the modern life and to the demand of great property spaces that contain all the suits that dress our today lives: here are the classic wardrobe in modular version, able to cover each space at its best and with great elegance, it becomes a protagonist, but remains at the same time perfectly integrated into the environment.

Classic wardrobe of homemade production

What must a classic wardrobe foresee in order to call itself a really exclusive and luxury product? The attention to the details, the choice from the best materials, an aesthetically and functionally lasting product on the time – these are the bases.
The thing that makes the true difference of a classic wardrobe is the homemade craftsmanship: that is why the made in Italy, or better the handmade in Italy, becomes a dowel of fundamental importance. Nothing must be left without attention if we want to bring back in the today environments all the brilliance of that great past that the human intervention has seen. Each classic wardrobe becomes in fact an exclusive piece of furniture, studied to integrate to perfection with the environment and on the same time able to cuddle the one who uses it with all the comforts that the technology and the modern solutions of design.

The classic wardrobe integrates into the environment

It was said of integration into the environment. In fact a classic wardrobe is able to adapt with any room into which it is inserted, be in style terms as far as it regards the dimensions. The wonderful classic wardrobe in the version “a bridge over the door”, is not only a functional element, it becomes also an integral part of the choices of style and of furniture, becoming absolutely an architectural element.
There are then the most refined carvings and inlays carried out by hand, using the complex shapes that are made to distinguish this model of classic wardrobe. This is how the luxury handicraft can be offered.

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