A classic bureau that has all the heat of the wood

  • Classic bureau in wood

A classic bureau in style 800 francese

Nothing can be compared with the majesty of a classic bureau realized in a wood of walnut, embellished by light inlays. It is enough to see this classic bureau realized in style 800 francese, a complement of everlasting furniture within the bounds of the luxury classic one. Descending of those that once were the luxurious trunks in which the nobility and the noble families had used to keep the own properties ready also for the seasonal moving,. The classic bureau cannot be a renounced element inside a hall with dinner which is complete itself.
Embellished by pretty carvings, it can be combined with mirrors that give depth to the rooms, little or big, or majestic tables, but also to windows with the same structural and decorative elements, which are fixed to the conformation of the shape or the inlaid motives.

The fascination from the wood in a classic bureau

This typology of classic bureau is certainly better than in the finishes that point out the characteristics of the wood, the beauty of only and unrepeatable veins, the color prays gilt, prays fawn-colored that characterizes different essences. What wood is always used for the carrying out this classic bureau? The walnut, naturally, with his aesthetic and technical characteristics.
Thanks to the relief given to the wood and to its hot and cozy tones this classic bureau can be expressed at best inserted into different environments typology: near wood paneling and clear floors, which point it out in a contrasts game, but it adapts perfectly also to environments in which the presence from the wood in natural colorings is the predominant element. Here an elegantly classic takes life in this way, hot and cozy atmosphere, able to give comfort either the family or the hosts, in a context that inspires calm and serenity.

Classic bureau of homemade realization

In order that a classic belief could call itself really luxury and first-class, to deserve a place in classic furniture and in flats and villas of high level, it must have diverged characteristics: the perfection of the lines and of the finishes, up to the details, the beauty of the decorum, the choice from raw materials of the highest quality, an attentive working either in the visible parts or in those more hidden. And, naturally, the homemade production. These are the most important elements in the production of a really exclusive classic bureau. It was born at the attentive hands of expert craftsmen’s, able to shape the wood and make it rich really as it would be done with a unique of its kind work of art.
In case of this classic bureau in style 800 francese: first of all the shapes are being done, on the one hand sinuous and on the other imposing, the craftsmen create on pretty surfaces different decorations, frames and classic motives, using different essences. Then the lacquerers intervene, who crystallize on the time the beauty, in order that it remains always perfect during the years. A collaboration of talents, of traditions, of knowledge and of passion- these are the things that create this classic bureau: an only piece, that has taken forms from expert hands in order to be a protagonist in each environment.

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