Furniture for villas: the classic luxury style

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The homemade furniture production for villas

The furniture for villas destined to furnish the most beautiful environments of the world can only be a fruit of a craftsmanship that, before being a manual ability, is peculiar of art.
The furniture for villas that could be defined luxurious is the homemade production, the only one able to guarantee that each produced piece is in fact handmade and purposely for that living room, that bedroom or that hall and kitchen. The study of the furniture for villas leaves from the design, in this case from a drawing that defines the style and the characteristics: the furniture for villas signed Vimercati is an original production that is taking its inspiration from the great models of the past, for example Louis XV, Louis XVI, Maggiolini, baroque or others. Thanks to this wise design and the craftsmen’s following intervention of great experience which engravers, decorators and gilders take while giving life to the furniture for villas perfuming the elegance, distinction and prettiness.

Furniture for villas in contract version

The ideal situation in the furniture design for villas is that one in which one has to do with a project contract, in other words when the necessity is not only for one of the rooms but of the whole villas and flats including the coverings of the walls, ceilings and floors, as well as all the technical installations. Naturally nothing forbids inserting single pieces into furniture already existing or into rooms already characterized by a determinate style: it will be enough to have the sagacity of choosing the complements that better adapt to that is already inside of the room, creating a harmonious final effect and of classic.
In case of the contract, nothing is predetermined out of possible styles or architectural particularities of the structure: that is why in this case the furniture carrying out for villas can be produced in a great variety of variants.
The furniture for villas in version contract can still count in fact not only on almost finished environments where only furniture is needed, but it is able to receive each project, including decoration on floors, ceilings and wood paneling.

Furniture for villas realized on measure

The furniture for villas can always be realized on measure, so to reply perfectly to each demand: being in fact of homemade carrying out they can be modified much in the dimensions as in the structural and decorative characteristics, and to adapt to determinate project or correspond exactly to the wish of the client.
The furniture carrying out for villas of high level leaves in fact from a fundamental presupposition: the result will have to be perfect, harmonic, without any dribble, able to satisfy on the same time technical and functional demands and also respond to the taste and to the aesthetics.

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