Classic living room with library: white brightness

Classic living room with great library

The presence of a great, white and gold library brings an extra touch of elegance and preciousness to every classic living room: indeed, when we think about the living area, sofas and armchairs are the first elements that come to our minds, followed by dining tables or showcases. In this way, we often tend to forget how beautiful libraries can be. The charm of these pieces of furniture is timeless and immortal: libraries are able to give a special aura to every type of living room. We can think of libraries as if they were jealous guardians of precious books or refined objects: libraries can be beautiful compositions made of full and empty volumes. A library is not just functional: it represents an essential element inside every classic, welcoming and refined living room. Their presence alone invites people to talk and relax. How to transform a library into an essential element, within an environment decorated with style? The solution is simple: by choosing a luxury piece of furniture, characterized by refined materials and finishes.

White and gold for a classic and elegant living room

When a piece of furniture is meant for classic and harmonious living rooms, it has to be manufactured with particular attention. A great library can also be one of the greatest protagonists inside a living room thanks to its classic shapes, such as the decorative inlayed columns. The library has a rigorous shape, but it can be at the same time sweet and classy. The finishes are extremely bright: white is the main color, embellished with particulars in gold leaf. Finishes perfectly match with the other pieces of furniture inside this particular classic living room, all decorated in white and gold with a peculiar antique effect.

Classic living room: what if it were next to the bed room?

Designing a classic living room right next to a bed room could be a peculiar and original solution: in this case, the whole furniture has to be harmonious and perfectly matched, in order to guarantee a continuity between the different spaces. Even in this case, the great white and gold library can be one of the greatest protagonists, as it were the guardian of the landlords’ private life.

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