Made in Italy luxury furniture: the reasons of a great success

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Made in Italy luxury furniture: from design to realization

There is a peculiar characteristic that we can see in many industries, especially in those related to beauty and food: made in Italy productions always seem to be a step forward, special and inimitable. Indeed, made in Italy productions often stand for luxury, good taste and quality. However, Italian food is not the only protagonist: indeed, luxury goods such as cars, boats and fashion are famous all over the world. The furniture industry is another great player: made in Italy luxury furniture are famous everywhere and represent the highest quality within this industry.
Do you know why made in Italy luxury furniture differ from those who try to obtain the same quality standards – without succeeding? Why in the most exclusive villas and apartments of the world, every piece of furniture has an Italian soul? The reason why of this success is a perfect recipe where the main ingredients are history, experience, tradition, entrepreneurship, market attention, quality without compromises and a high quality taste, which has been cultivated generation after generation.

Made in Italy luxury furniture: the involved workforce

To fully understand the recipe we mentioned above, it is necessary to know the workforce and the skills involved in the realization of made in Italy luxury furniture. Indeed, behind a process that, at a glance, may seem simple, there are expert craftsmen, who we should define artists: indeed, they are able to create beautiful and original goods, day by day. There are craftsmen able to design the whole piece of furniture, starting from a personal idea or by following the client’s needs: the inspiration might come from a classic piece, which can give its style and shapes to the new project, or directly from the designer’s fantasy, always in line with the classic canons. Once it is completed, the project will be realized by the carpenter, enriched by the inlayer and embellished by gilders, decorators and carvers. In the end, the product will be completed by the expert hands of those who deal with finishes and placement. This is how made in Italy luxury furniture are realized, thanks to the harmonious work of these expert hands, just like in a symphony performed by a great orchestra.

Made in Italy luxury furniture and modernity

Tradition represents the basis in the realization of made in Italy luxury furniture. However, we can’t forget modernity, which is strictly connected to Italy’s entrepreneurship. Indeed, this Country has always been able to understand the market movements and its needs. With full respect of past times, modernity comes forward and provides all the means, such as 3D scans and renderings, useful to realize detailed products. Indeed, information technology contributes to create these pieces of furniture, especially when designing the whole environment or apartments and villas, and guarantees high quality results.

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