A luxury mirror to illuminate and enlarge the environments

  • Luxury mirror with console

A luxury mirror, and the environments are filled with light

With no doubt, mirrors are among the silent protagonists of every environment: they have the power to widen spaces and multiply their brightness. To make a piece of classic furniture there is nothing better than a luxury mirror, a precious element which is at the same time versatile and able to adapt well to different spaces, by always giving its fundamental contribution.
The characteristics of a luxury mirror are those common to every piece of furniture that share its paternity: we are talking about craftsmanship, rich inlays, precious essences, strong presence of gold leaf, which provides for the manual application of thin gold layers on the whole surface of the wood. The final effect is astonishing: the mirror is just a part of the whole composition, which is mostly developed in in the richly carved frame. Curls and volutes flourish both to its sides and upwards, creating a major scenic impact.

The combination between luxury mirror and classic consoles

As we have seen, a luxury mirror is able to adapt without any difficulty to any classic furnishings, giving it value and preciousness, and console is with no doubt its perfect match.
These are pieces of furniture that we can say to be really complementary: both of them can be found in different environments and represent the quintessence of luxury and are among the furnishings in which the mastery of the artist can express himself at his best.
The luxury mirror console can be positioned, for example, in a large corridor, in a hallway or in a niche, but also as an integral part of a living room.

Entrances, atriums, lounges, rooms: the thousand faces of a luxury mirror

Different locations, same elegance: wherever a luxury mirror is placed, it will give value to space. Just like for the console (and even more), it can furnish not only atria and passage areas as well as the living area, but it can also be among the great stars of the sleeping area, whether alone or for example in combination with a classic toilet.
That’s why a luxury mirror is always a great choice: because a classic piece of furniture is always the result of a clever composition that takes into account every single element.

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