Classic sofa Rialto: a taste of other times

Classic sofa Rialto

The classic sofa of the collection Rialto

The classic sofa of the collection carries the name of one of the most famous quarters of Venice Rialto and from this wonderful art example it has inherited the whole fascination of an elegance of other times, but that never passes of fashion. In order to do this classic sofa so enchanting there can still be the retro shapes, the most delicate of great white impact, or the most particular gold finish in which it is proposed that, even if naturally nothing forbids choosing other versions, it is particularly suitable to underline its romantic and almost nostalgic spirit.
This classic sofa is inevitable homemade, its light carvings bring it fundamental importance to the design of the sofa. It is enough to look at the most beautiful curls that form the arms, the pretty floral cymatium that adorns the summit of the back, or still return the legs to you in so refined way, almost to recall the elegance of classic columns. On the other hand, there are details that characterize this classic sofa, give it particularity and fascination. Have you noticed, for example, the soft wave that outlines the base of two meetings? This is a real touch of classical style, able to move the composition with great delicacy.

A classic sofa of the taste of other times

It is enough to look at the softly rounded, always whispered shapes of this classic sofa: it talks to us about ancient families, of nobles, about a life with the sign of the elegance and of the exclusiveness. A classic sofa that seems gone out of one of those beautiful houses even today remaining the maximum symbol of an elegant life, the sign of the refinement and of a pleasant lightness. It seems to have seen the ladies dressed smartly with rich garments, resting on this beautiful classic sofa. In order to recreate these settings of slackened joviality look at this classic sofa that has really the power of bringing back on the time.

The integration of the classic sofa Rialto in the living room

A classic sofa with these characteristics asks naturally for an environment that appreciates its characteristics, but it is at the same time able to adapt well to living rooms of different taste. For romantic settings and almost dream, it is possible to insert for example the classic sofa in white on gold and with pearly cloths on furniture as characterized by the pre-eminence of the white one, for the most refined effect tone on tone. A background is constituted by a white wood paneling refined by carvings and gilt details, but also with particular furniture elements and perfect wood in order to underline the taste of other times of this classic sofa. If you want to give movement and thickness to the environment, it will be enough in this case to foresee some elements in wood, perhaps with great mirrors, to break the uniformity of the composition.
A beautiful model of the classic sofa Rialto is the touch of class of other times inside classic furniture in wood perhaps also combined with a wood paneling of character. It is great.

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