Classic style lamps: the perfect complement for the luxury classic furniture

Classic style lamp

Classic style lamps for the luxury classic furniture

The perfect complement for a luxury classic furniture? A classic style lamp, that matches the one chosen for the rest of the furniture.

Giving life to the new luxury classic collections Vimercati has so matched them to both table lamps and floor lamps in different styles, all characterized by precious carvings made by hand, glossy lacquerings and luxurious gildings.

Here is then the lamps in baroque style, that distinguish itself for the complex carvings that well match to the elaborate imaginations of the luxury classic furniture in baroque style: the gold leaf and silver leaf finishings reflect the light creating tricks of the light and shadows that enhance so much the same lamps as the furniture that surround it, giving prominence the luxury finishings and the classic shapes of furnishing.

The deep and accentuated carvings of the lamps in baroque style are matched to those just lighter, but always very structured, of the classic lamps in Louis XV style, that as the baroque is distinguished by his love for the accentuated decorative elements. The wall lamps in Louis XV style dresses so games of carvings that surround the light as out and out paintings, artistic elements designed to match to the most beautiful collection of luxury classic furniture and value it.

The vertical momentum, the decorative elegance are then the particularity of the classic lamps in Louis XVI style, both for table and for floor: here is then the beautiful cobalt blue lamp with applied a refined carving Louis XVI style or also the particular lamp vase-shaped, always Louis XVI.

For the lovers of the orient luxury, precious lacquered lamps match so much to the chinoiserie as to the furnishings in all the classic styles, adding to each location the light touch of painted flowers and light gildings.

To combine all these proposals, on the one hand the quality of the manufacturing, made by hand by Italian expert artisans as for all the luxury classic furniture signed Vimercati, on the other hand the capability of these lamps in style to complete and enrich each classic furniture, creating that particular lighting able to emphasise the carvings, the gildings and the workmanship that characterized the luxury furniture and especially the classic furnishing.

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