The luxury classic bedroom dresses the purest forms of the roman baroque

Luxury classic bedroom roman baroque style: classic carved night tables baroque style matched to luxury classic bed Louis XV style

Luxury classic baroque bedroom

A luxury classic bedroom presented in the purest forms of the roman baroque of the Seventeenth century, one of the most loved styles to give life still today to the classic furnishings more rich and luxurious. A baroque bedroom is imposed in fact to the eye for its sumptuous shapes, the large carvings with a floral theme that by simple decorative elements become the heart of the baroque composition, the elegant gildings.
Is no exception to these canons this magnificent luxury classic bedroom in roman baroque style, whose characterizing elements are just the night tables and the toilette that bring all the regality of the purest baroque furnishing inside the bedroom, finding a worthy counterpart in the classic bed Louis XV style, blood relative of the baroque, and in the table and floor lamps, all with luxury finishings.

So the toilette as the baroque night tables show in fact an ebony wood and citronnier top richly inlaid and with mother-of-pearl inlays, matched by rich spirals in acanthus leaves carved by hand, typical of that particular baroque shape which take exactly the name of roman baroque.
Exactly thanks to these choices the furnishing, built on the classic and codified shapes of the historical styles, dresses all the distintive elements of a modern luxury piece of furniture: the choice of the refined essences (ebony and citronnier, precisely), the carving and the inlay made by hand by Italian artisan, but also the other innumerable details typical of a real luxury bedroom.

Here is that the classic furnishing is completed with the choice of the silk lampas for the bed headboard, material used also for the bedcover and for the cushions on which seem to blossom fabric roses created by hand. Whole works finished off with luxurious trimming, daughter of an art that plunge its roots in the centuries.

Is this the first of the luxury classic collections signed Vimercati that we want present you, but in the next weeks we will find out together also the other luxury classic furnishings so much for the living area as for the sleeping area, but also closely admire the great classic kitchens and the most luxurious furnishing complements, as well as to continue the travel we have undertaken between the great furnishing styles and the techniques of craftsmanship of the luxury furniture.

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