Classicism meets practicality with classy extendable tables

Who said that classic requires big spaces? The classy extendable tables

We often think that classic furniture and tight spaces don’t get along. But are we sure that it is just like that? The classy extendable tables tell a completely different story. Indeed, they are able to bring the typical elegance of made in Italy productions inside tight kitchens and dining rooms. Just like large tables, the classy extendable tables have been made by Italian artisans and bring the charm and quality of the best and most admired production in the world. Thanks to the original union between the classic style characteristics and technique, it is possible to create tables with up to 4 extensions. These tables are perfectly suitable for every day dinners and big receptions, without losing the classic style beauty.

The classy extendable tables: the elegance of classic products

We were talking about classic style’s beauty: the charm of these productions is immortal and endures over the years, regardless of temporary trends and tastes, always meeting new admirers and conquering territories where more modern productions seemed to have taken hold in the area. These classy extendable tables have all the required characteristics to be counted among the best classic productions: the handicraft production, attention to details, high-quality materials, harmonious shapes, the warmth of wood, inlays and carvings. Indeed, every element is a reference to the classical world and its beauty and contributes to make the environment welcoming and with a timeless elegance.

Classy extendable tables of Italian production

Not only style: the Italian handicraft production is extremely important and adds value to every single production. The classy extendable tables, indeed, have been created by expert artisans, who look after every single detail during the manufacturing process: this attention to details together with a long tradition and experience transform these products into luxury pieces of furniture, despite their dimensions. Just admire the softness of the carvings that decorate their base and the perimeter, the delicate inlays, the harmonious shapes of the chairs, the brightness of the wood: each of these classy extensible tables is a small masterpiece of craftsmanship, a unique piece to be passed into the family from generation to generation, just like a precious piece of furniture that can unite the story of fathers and sons year after year.

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