Headboard for capitonné bed: luxury and precious fabrics

The headboard for capitonné bed is an expression of absolute luxury

It is one of the most loved and appreciated productions in the whole world of luxury: we are talking about the headboard for capitonné bed. This manufacturing process consists in quilting the precious padded fabrics by stopping them with buttons which, in this case, are covered with the same fabric used for the headboard. A bed created with this technique not only stands out for its craftsmanship production (as we will see later, the capitonné production is exclusively handmade), but also for its elegance and comfort. A headboard for capitonné bed, especially if combined with carved wooden frames, makes the whole composition refined and remarkable. A further touch of luxury? Combining both the bed linen and the bench at his feet – and perhaps other upholstered items in the room or any canopy – at the headboard using the same fabric. This will create a harmonious, well-balanced and welcoming environment, as it is suitable to any bedroom.

Headboard for capitonné bed and matches with carvings and gildings

In order to let the headboard for capitonné bed to really express itself at its best, it is almost obligatory to combine it with a carved frame embellished with high quality finishes. In this composition we have a series of discreet carvings, but at the same time really sought after: the curls on the sides, the floral compositions almost lying on the soft curves, the beautiful cimasa with a large shell. All the carvings have gold leaf finishes with silver leaf details.

Headboard for capitonné bed: what can be realized only by handicraft production

Sophisticated essences, precious fabrics, high-end finishes, but not only: to give life to a true luxury product, as we have seen, the handicraft production is an essential element. In this sense, the headboard of capitonné bed is a real guarantee: this technique of working of upholstered fabrics, born during the nineteenth century, can in fact only be made by hand and by highly experienced craftsmen, especially when it is necessary to work on surfaces so big and with such precious fabrics. There is no machine able to make the capitonné in an automatic way: on the other hand, all this bed as a whole is an expression of the great Italian furniture tradition and its workers. To be handmade, it is not only the capitonné, indeed: the structure of the bed itself, all the wooden parts including the carvings made thanks to the clever use of the chisel, but also the finishes made by applying one to one thin leaves gold and silver on the surface of the wood and also the final polishing. So, to create a capitonné headboard, so many competences and, why not, real arts are needed, which have been passed from generation to generation and have been improved with daily and careful fieldwork.

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