Classy sofas: the elegance of classic padded elements

  • Classy sofas in classic style

Classy sofas with wood frame and luxury finishing

It is possible to find the great tradition of Italian handicraft production inside different fields of furnishing, but one of the most loved and successful elements are classy sofas, which come to life from this mastery and decorate the most elegant and refined living rooms around the world. Whether for luxury interns, shaped on decorations and rich finishing in silver and gold, or for environments in classic style originating from 19th century Europe, where the intensity and warmth of wood express all their strength, these classy sofas know how to make their contribution, making themselves the main players of spaces.

Manufacture and details: the characteristics of classy sofas

Manufacture and details make these classy sofa unique pieces. These characteristics determined their success around the world, by opening the doors of the most luxurious villas’ and apartments’ living rooms around the world. But why are they so peculiar? Let’s start with the manufacture: in order to create classy sofas like these, the handicraft production is essential. Every piece is realized by expert cratsmen, who shape and inlay wood, make the gold-plating and take care of padded elements and finishing before delivering the final product to the client. These are handmade process, realized according to the experience and know how passed down through generations. We could probably say that this heritage is part of the territory’s DNA – the Italian one, more specifically, Lombardy’s territory – vowed to this kind of productions. Furthermore, the peculiar elements of classy sofas, realized with all the characteristics of classic style, and other productions, is the attention to every single detail, even to those that might seem less significant. This is how a product, perfect in all its parts, is created: a flawless element worthy of being displayed within the most exclusive living rooms.

Classy sofas and living rooms

Talking about living rooms, in order to let these classy sofas express themselves at their best it is essential to display them within a contest able to enhance their value and that represents a perfect stage. Armchairs are the perfect companions for sofas, since they both share materials, finishing, manufacture and characteristics. But it is not enough: a classy living room will also foresee the presence of coffee tables, which should be enriched with handmade inlays and carvings. What else we could say about the beautiful tall tables that should be placed near sofas, maybe enriched with marble top and table lamps made with inlayed wood and decorated with silver and gold leaf finishing. And if there is a decorated boiserie displayed right behind them, maybe with an inlayed wooden appliqué, we could say that guests are ready to be welcomed within a classy, refined and elegant environment.

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