Luxury tailor-made kitchens: when classic style stands over the stoves

Classic style stoves within luxury tailor-made kitchens

Big, elegant, bright, with rich decorations and handcrafted: these are the luxury tailor-made kitchens, a real triumph of elements borrowed by the classic style and matched to modern technologies, that make the most useful spaces and make it possible to cook in perfect comfort. Thanks to these traditional and innovative solutions, it is possible to bring inside the kitchen that kind of exclusivity and elegance that has always characterized the style of classic and luxury home environments.
The same finishing and the same visual impact of luxury home environments characterize these luxury tailor-made kitchens, making them perfectly suitable for the grandstand inside home environments. Kitchens are not considered anymore service spaces meant for a private use: indeed, according to modern lifestyle, luxury tailor-made kitchens have become an environment to display and to live just like a living room or a dining room. A welcoming environment for guests that can be used for informal meetings, but still elegant, classic and refined.

The luxury tailor-made kitchens are distinguished for their handicraft production

Luxury tailor-made kitchens have a peculiar characteristic: the handicraft production, as for high quality products. Their creation, even if studied to the last detail through the most advanced technologies, is entrusted to the expert hands of Italian master craftsmen, who have inherited the tradition of made in Italy furniture, which is one of the most appreciated in the world.
Indeed, if you admire the details of these luxury tailor-made kitchens you will be able to recognize their peculiarities: first of all, the references to the classic world, as testified by the presence of columns and pilaster strips, but also handmade floral patterns, the gold leaf finishing, the refined marbles used for the kitchen counters, the color and light effects. In the end, every element recalls attention to details and refinement, which have been seen in more traditional furnishing like living rooms, tables and bedrooms.

Tradition and modernity inside luxury tailor-made kitchens

In order to realize these luxury tailor-made kitchens, the meeting between tradition and modernity is essential. If tradition, as we have already seen, is represented by the handicraft production and the knowledge of masters, modernity results from two different levels. Design is the first one: the most innovative technologies make it possible to obtain a level of accuracy that was unthinkable in the past. Every element can be perfectly adapted to match the space available. Not to mention the possibility to view the final result in a realistic way before getting the production started. The second platform on which modernity travels is represented by these luxury tailor-made kitchens’ technical equipment, which need to offer a comfortable use, in line with the contemporary lifestyle, in all respects.

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