Luxury king-size beds: sleeping within the quintessence of elegance

When night wears elegance: the luxury king-size beds

When we think about a luxury piece of furniture for the night zone, it would be impossible not to think about huge and extremely soft beds where you can rest like a king or a queen living in a fairytale: indeed, luxury king-size beds are – for a reason – considered the quintessence of elegance in the popular imagination. This, indeed, is not a surprise when we look up to their magnificence: their huge volumes, the rich and extremely refined sheets, the majestic, inlayed and golden headboards really represent a daydream.
Is no coincidence that luxury king-size beds represent one of the most loved and admired production of the Italian craftsmanship all over the world: many requests of realization concern villas and apartments of high level, but also refined and elegant hotels. The manufacture is rigorously artisanal and made in Italy, two characteristics that represent, all over the world, a real trademark for these unique productions: all the finishes, just like the inlays gold plating, are handmade and cured by expert artisans, in order to make sure that the client will always receive a high-quality product.

The ideal environment for luxury king-size beds

Luxury king-size beds require, as you can imagine, an environment able to give them value in an appropriate way, but also a great attention to details able to create a harmonious and pleasant composition. For example, the entire bedroom is designed to have the same kind of inlays and finishes or, instead, an intelligent combination of elements studied to the last detail. The fabrics, as well, are an element of great importance: the luxury king-size beds present, indeed, a padded headboard whose fabric will also guide the sheets, the bench at the end of the bed, the tiny armchairs and the eventual canopy.

Luxury king-size beds and canopy

Talking about canopy, we can say that they represent pecular decorations, which are the real crowning element of luxury king-size beds: given the majesty of the whole composition, it would be a shame not to complete it with something able to highlight its exclusive and royal nature. Indeed, the canopy bed has this specific purpose: placed like a crown above the head of the bed, the canopy has two wings of draped fabric that fall over the bed’s sides, highlighting its king-size dimension and its role as a luxury crown. Over the centuries, the canopy bed, that no longer has a protective function, has turned into the symbol of magnificence: a glance at these beautiful compositions is enough to understand the reason of this transformation.

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