Console in baroque style: the perfect complement for luxury environments

The console in baroque style as royal protagonist

A luxury environment might be characterized by wide and royal living rooms, carved and inlaid complements, refined fabrics and shining marbles but, above all, there is an element which is the undisputed protagonist: we are clearly talking about the console in baroque syle, which gives that final touch to those rooms willing to be distinguished for their elegance. The rich carvings, the gold or silver finishes, the balance of composition, the artisanal realization are expressed at their full potential within this piece of furnishing, giving birth to a royal, magnificent and great product, where the union of several parts is worth so much more than their simple sum. Only in the console in baroque style the characteristics of the classic luxury furniture arrive to the peaks that they used to have in the past centuries, when they sat enthroned and were admired in major European palaces, beautifully displayed and able to furnish entire spaces with their mere presence. In perfect conjunction with lounges and living areas, the consoles in baroque style are the ideal complement to make hallways, entrance halls and corridors important, where they also might stay alone without losing something in their elegance.

The charm of details: the carvings of the console in baroque style

The rich carvings represent with no doubt the very first element that astonishes and attracts the attention on a console in baroque style. Furthermore, the mastery through which the chisel realizes amazing shapes on wood has always been the key element to understand the stylistic choices of the baroque style: the purpose is to amaze, to deceive the eye within a magic maze made of curls and shapes chasing each other without a solution of continuity, to display a luxurious representation that becomes a reality.
The consoles in baroque style of contemporary production refer directly to these great examples of the past, by making their own the passion of decorations and carvings, the predilection for exclusive materials, the highest level of handicraft and the attention to every single detail.

High quality Italian handicraft for the console in baroque style

As we said above, the handicraft production represents one of the peculiar characteristics of the console in baroque style: an artistic expression where Italian productions stand out because of the mastery of their artisans, who are able to give birth to these unique complements. The handicraft production not only guarantees that every product is to all effects a unique piece, but also the care of every detail, even those more minutes and hidden. In this way, the baroque consoles assume those characteristics of regality, majesty and uniqueness that make them suitable to play the protagonist role in every classic luxury furniture, by giving a unique and high level touch.

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