Luxury home furniture: made in Italy is one step ahead

The luxury home furniture is a matter of experience and details

Studying the luxury home furniture doesn’t only mean, as important as it might be, to provide the highest quality furnishing complements, but also being able to create environments with a strong scenic and emotional impact, designed down to the smallest detail in order to give an exact feel. Luxury home furniture, whether it is played on a game of references and harmonious matches or on sudden but studied scenography, materials and finishes changes, must be, on the one hand, consistent with specific aesthetic canons and, on the other hand, functional.
This combination between the furnishing formal perfection, the balance of composition and the problem solving abilities in handling the environments’ technical limits, without penalizing aesthetic and functionality, makes made in Italy production one step ahead in the luxury home furniture. The secret resides in the ancient handicraft tradition, which characterizes the Italian production, and latest technologies: an inimitable know how that has led this furniture conquer the luxury world in every continent, making it hold a primacy hard to scratch.

The contract solution for the luxury home furniture

To realize a whole furniture for luxury homes, the best solution is the contract one, with no doubt: whether they be individual environments that have to be furnished or completely redecorated, or – even better – whole villas or apartments that have to be designed from zero, the contract not only allows to get the desired result, but also to do so in a safer and more simple way, by relying on a single supplier able to perform itself all the necessary works, or by relying on a trusted partner. Indeed, a luxury home furniture foresees not only complements such as tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, sideboards, consoles, beds, night stands, walk-in closets, toilettes and so much more, but also a series of other equally important elements. For instance, we are talking about boiseries, which are the marvelous wooden paneling that are often used to cover the walls, by giving a sense of warmth and hospitality. We are also talking about apparently less crucial complements – which, indeed, are essential – such as floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, appliqués, vases, tables, cups, mirrors and anything else that might be useful to enrich and make even more welcoming the environment. Or, still, floors, which represent the real stage meant for the luxury furniture’s great show.

Coordinated environments in the luxury home furniture

Since the luxury home furniture is composed of a large number and varied elements, it is even more evident how the creation of coordinated environments is not only essential, but also hard to realize if we do not rely on skilled and experienced players: finishes, decorations, materials, everything must contribute to create that fil rouge, which not only binds the various complements of a same environment, but also those that are placed in different environments, but adjacent or even throughout the whole apartment. The result of this operation will be a rich, amazing home and, at the same time, warm and welcoming, able to host the family and guests with great naturalness and with the class of true luxury.

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