A luxury baroque sofa worthy of a palace

  • Luxury baroque sofa

It would have proudly been on display even in an ancient palace: the luxury baroque sofa is the king of the living room

With its shape that resembles that of a great throne, the complex and majestic carvings, the extensive gilding, the precious fabrics, this luxury baroque sofa would certainly not have disfigured even in an ancient palace, indeed: from the greatest examples of luxury classic furniture, the inspiration for its realization has been drawn. And the result is very worthy of a truly royal environment. Of course, the luxury baroque sofa is an important piece of strong presence and no doubt wants to be the protagonist of the environment in which it is inserted: everything contributes to this result, from the almost flamboyant shape to the complexity of the carvings. Baroque on the other hand is just that: a unique, whimsical, amazing composition, able to catch the eye with its thousand lines and create a real sense of amazement in the viewer. This luxury baroque sofa definitely brings back to life the salient features of this style, which tells of a life lived as a work of art and the environments in which this takes place as a stage able to bring out and make this very life even more precious. Need more to fall in love?

The luxury baroque sofa in a classic setting

A piece of furniture as important as the luxury baroque sofa naturally requires an environment that is built around its presence: it is undoubtedly the protagonist, accompanied by the armchairs of its same collection, which can by no means envy it in terms of majesty and luxury. How to give the right weight to this true work of art? Here presented in the version with red and gold fabric, the luxury baroque sofa can, for example, be flanked by two tables in carved and gilded wood, perhaps with a black marble top. The table lamps – likewise in wood with carvings and gilding done by hand – have a finely worked lampshade and have been realized in a coordinated fabric to that chosen for the sofa. The final impression is of great elegance: an extra touch? The combination with a white boiserie with golden decorations: the contrast between the intense red of the fabrics and the brightness of the walls means that the luxury baroque sofa is framed and therefore highlighted, gold recalls giving life to a pleasant continuity.

Luxury baroque sofa and craftsmanship: a unique combination

The luxury baroque sofa is, of course, a craft production and could not be other than that: such high-level an artefact, complex and artistic carvings, gilding in gold leaf, the luxurious trimmings could only be the result of a long-standing craft wisdom. Each phase of the processing is handmade by those same Italian artisans who, over time, have made the furniture made in Italy the most popular in the world, especially in terms of the world of luxury.

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