The inlays of Maggiolini come back to life in a bedroom-tribute to the great cabinetmaker

Three collections for the sleeping area inspired by the greatest cabinetmaker in the context of neoclassical furniture: Giuseppe Maggiolini. By this extraordinary eighteenth-century Lombard artist the night lines Maggiolini, dedicated to him, draw on the taste for a refined inlay in night tables and chest of drawers that turn on of pictorial shades:so the garlands of the collection Maggiolini 791, come to life, and also the delicate flowers of Maggiolini 925 and the refined simplicity of Maggiolini 910. Just as in the furnishings of Maggiolini, the carving is reduced to minimum terms, until almost disappear, leaving space for some real wooden canvases where are the different shades used to give motion and depth to the typical themes of the Neoclassical age: floral festoons unravel on the furniture surface in a skilful play of light and shade, animals that seem to be straight out of a story book raise their wings as if to catch the wind, supported by soft garlands. Every detail testifies the attention and the love for the inlay, a real form of art made of knowledge, accuracy, manual skills, aesthetic taste and painting technique: the alternating colors, the details definied as in the most perfect of the thumbnails, the compositional richness that, far from impose itself on the view, proposes itself with delicate discretion to the spectator. To make this possible, the use of different woods, from walnut – favored wood by Italian furniture tradition – to rosewood, to olive wood. Always to Maggiolini are inspired also some structural elements characterizing his works, as tapered feet sometimes lightly carved into the neck. A bedroom that is at the same time a tribute to a great artist of the Italian classical furnishing.

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