Walnut, noble wood for excellence, in the furniture tradition of italian craftsmanship

Walnut wood has now taken in the collective imagination a place of honor that makes it one of the most popular essences and makes it synonymous of quality, refinement, strength. But what owes his fortune this wood, even today much used to realize luxury classic furniture?  When it becomes the essence privileged for furniture designed to make the history of furniture?

Belonging to the category of hardwood – together with other essences as maple, ebony, ash and mahogany – walnut combines quality and strength typical of this type of wood to a very good workability, features that led him to be the favorite especially in the Renaissance, when it became noble wood for excellence in particular in the tradition of italian furniture, but also in England and in countries of Anglo-Saxon area, where it comes to contend the primacy to the most used mahogany.

To make it a wood so appreciated, in addition to its spread relatively abundant in Italy, were its particular properties, that made him perfect for the furniture Renaissance style: imposing, nobles, stringent and at the same time characterized by carvings and inlays rich and refined, hand made by craftsmen – artists of high value and great fame, in which the search for perfection right down to the smallest details became a point of honor. Since then the good fortune of walnut wood for the production of classic furniture has never failed, and even today is a feature of the artisan furniture production.

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