The inspiration for a classic living room comes from the high Italian craftsmanship

If you are looking for inspiration for a classic living room, the answer is in the beauty of luxury handcrafted furniture

It’s easy to say classic: in reality, when we are looking for inspiration for a classic living room, we soon realise that the proposals are so varied and so different from each other – both aesthetically and in their making and quality – that it’s anything but easy to orientate oneself. That’s why it will be good to first clarify some essential starting points, and then choose among the different classic styles the one which best suits our taste and the environment we want to furnish. Taking inspiration for a classic living room means first of all paying attention to the quality of the furniture we are looking at: the craftsmanship luxury accessories are undoubtedly those to be preferred, as we will be sure the characteristics that define the style are proper and the quality of their making is reliable; even more, their realisation by expert artisans and therefore manual will make it a unique piece of great value.

Precious woods, gold, refined white lacquers, different finishes to take inspiration for a classic living room

Having verified the origin of the furnishings, to get inspiration for a classic living room we can indulge the imagination, as the proposals are suitable to satisfy every taste and need. If we do love wood we could, for example, opt for the beautiful creations that the essences – possibly embellished with inlays and carvings – combine with the majesty of the gold leaf. A large inlaid table whose top is supported by gilded cups in classic style is a piece of high value intended to act as a great protagonist in any environment. Another inspiration for a classic living room, consistent with those wood lovers who like to leave it free to express itself by its shades, are the furnishings that hold the essences even more protagonists, limiting the golds to decorations or even eliminating them in favour of the sole inlays and carvings, which would also be made by the expert hands of the artisans. Looking for inspiration for a classic living room that is rather special and gives luxury at first glance? The white and gold finishes can be your only answer: in this case, the discontinuous white lacquer applies on a gold leaf background – which consists in thin sheets of real gold, stuck on the wood surface. A finish that gives an antique look of great refinement and brightness that is perfect for lovers of classic luxury style.

The inspiration for a classic living room that comes from a great past of furniture art

Whatever your taste, remember that even for those who make it, and not only for those who want to buy it, the inspiration for a classic living room should always come directly from the classical world precisely: retrieve the features of these great styles is essential for offering a high-class product, able to communicate all the majesty and exclusivity of those furnishings that have de facto furnished the most beautiful European palaces in past centuries. In your research to find inspiration for the classic living room of your dreams, you will soon realise that the most luxurious, elegant and fascinating are those that recall these great examples, bringing even today’s houses the exclusivity that once characterised them.

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