Luxurious furnishings: the best of Made in Italy for exclusive villas

luxury furnishings, made in Italy

Luxurious furnishings: the secret is in the great tradition of Made in Italy

Building a luxury decor is a beautiful challenge that speaks of tradition, art, technology, materials, design, history and sophistication: only by joining all these features in a single project it is possible to create a luxurious decor able to satisfy the most refined houses, giving the right quality to those who will not settle for anything less than the best. This is why the creation of high quality luxury furniture is certainly not something that you can improvise: it is not a secret for Italian artisans, who have been specialized for many years in the production of handcrafted furniture are admired and envied around the world. No one knows how the Italian craft firms in fact do own the luxury furniture instances, so that just made in Italy has become synonymous with each longitude and latitude of the most exclusive and stylish decor and certainly the example for those who want to decorate their homes with furniture that make a difference.
The luxurious furnishings that comes to life in Italy is the perfect compendium of all the features that are the foundation of this true art: it is the skill of the great craftsmen, capable of giving new life to wood and produce unique finishes and high class, the innate taste of a nation has always been at the forefront of all that is beautiful and high quality, paying attention to every detail, even to the most minute details, because a work can be said to be really well done only when all its parts are done at their best.

The luxurious furnishings and the challenge for the future

Past and future, craftsmanship and technology, ancient style and modern comforts, luxury furnishing today’s challenge is to take all the best that comes from the past, starting from the matchless charm of historic styles such as the unforgettable Louis XV and Louis XVI, and seize the opportunities that come to us from the present and the future, without ever distorting its artisan roots.
The manual skills, delicate pencil scratch paper, the slow work of the chisel that shapes the wood, the thin gold leaf applied with a light touch, the soft tip of the brush that traces exotic worlds or rigorous geometries, the clever combination of essences to create wooden paintings are and will always remain the heart of any luxury classic furnishings worthy of respect: this is their own innermost being, their soul and what gives these works a priceless value. But in all these human capabilities it is today joined by the great possibilities of the technology, which leads to a higher level of the realization of a luxury furnishings in particular on the design phase.

Luxury interior furnishings for villas: contract

Tradition and technology, thus: thanks to the latter, the luxury furniture can better face the greatest challenge of the present, to create not just a single, leaving it to the imagination or patterned manual task to give the idea of the final result: advanced rendering programs should allow you to get realistic images of each luxurious furnishings even before it is on the production phase, so as to fully evaluate every detail and every finish.
A technology designed to take more and more ground as the technological means are more powerful and efficient, and that “Vimercati” has already chosen to apply when it comes to designing a contract luxurious furnishings, which requires an overall assessment of a room or even an entire villa, including not only the furniture, but also the floors, the walls with any paneling, ceilings and fixtures.

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